Police Clearance Certificate PPC Process in Bangladesh


What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

Generally, a police clearance certificate is required for employment or higher education abroad. There is no criminal crime record in the police station against the person receiving the certificate – it is certified.

What means police verification? 

What does a police clearance mean? In most cases, a police clearance certificate is required when traveling abroad or working abroad. Police clearance certificate means that the person who is given the police clearance is not a criminal and there is no charge against him in the police station.

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What is a police clearance certificate in Bangladesh?

Need a police clearance certificate to apply for a visa but not having time to go to the police station for busy? Will you renew a visa/passport abroad or apply for a green card/work permit but are thinking about how to get a police clearance from Bangladesh? Then know that the day of thinking is over. Bangladesh Police has launched an online police clearance certificate service to provide better and faster service to service aspirants. As a result, you can apply for police clearance with just a few clicks at home. Then get your desired police clearance certificate at home after a certain period of time.

An online police clearance certificate system is launched to save time, travel expenses and effort. Submit your application online and get a certificate from the police station or district office.

What is the use of the Bangladesh police clearance certificate?

  • To apply for a visa
  • For renewal of visa/passport
  • For green card/work permit
  • This Certificate used to enumerate and identify any criminal records that applicants may have by the police.
  • And, for many more reasons, it’s Use.

What documents are needed for police clearance in BD?

What are the documents required for a police clearance certificate in Bangladesh? Here are:

  • Application duly filled in online
  • Bio and address page of Bangladesh passport attested by class one gazetted officer if applied from Bangladesh
  • Or, Bio and address page of Bangladesh passport attested by Bangladesh High Commission if applied from abroad
  • Or, Bio, address, visa and entry/exit seal pages of foreign passport attested by Justice of Peace of the country of present residence.
  • Pay BDT 500 through treasury challan code 1-7301-0001-2681 to any treasury branches of Sonali Bank or Bangladesh Bank or pay online through http://echallan.gov.bd/ using debit/credit card or MFS account.

Can I apply for a Bangladesh police clearance certificate online?

Yes, the Police Verification certification service is underway online. The service has been officially launched nationwide with the opening of the Razarbagh Police Lines Auditorium.

How can I get police clearance online in Bangladesh?

The applicant will regularly check the latest status of his application online. The applicant can personally hand over the signature of the officer in charge of the Police Verification certificate, the signature of the superintendent of police or the deputy police commissioner and the one-stop service counter at the district police superintendent’s office or the metropolitan police commissioner’s office after the foreign ministry verifies. If you want to get a courier or postal, you can specify the time of application. In that case, the applicant can get the certificate at home, subject to payment of postal or courier fees.

A QR code is printed on the case of the Online Police Clearance Certificate. An online link to the certificate issued will be available for scanning the code from any smartphone using the QR Code Scanner application. If you visit the link using any Internet browser, an exact digital copy of the certificate issued will be displayed on the computer. As a result, the police clearance certificate issued from now on will not be fake and any foreign mission will be able to verify the Police Verification certificate online.

How can I get police clearance in BD?

In order to get a police clearance certificate, you have to apply according to some rules. They are that any one of the permanent or current addresses mentioned in the applicant’s passport must be in the area under the concerned Metropolitan or District Police. The applicant or for whom the Police Verification certificate has been sought must be a resident of that address.

To obtain a Police Clearance Certificate of a person living abroad, a valid photocopy of the passport must be submitted with the application made on behalf of the Bangladesh Embassy or High Commissioner concerned in the country in which he is staying.

In case of a machine-readable passport (MRP), if the address is not mentioned in the passport, then a photocopy of the National Identity Card or Birth Registration Certificate or Local Ward Counselor Certificate should be submitted by first-class Government Gazetted Officer.

What do I need for Bangladeshi police clearance?

The first step of the application form is to fill in the personal details, the second and the current and permanent address. The third step is to upload a scanned copy of the required documents. All the information that completes will be seen in step 4. If there is any mistake in the application, it can be corrected in the previous steps. However, after submitting the fourth step, there will be no further amendment. The fifth step of the application form is to click on the Pay Offline button to pay the fee. There will be some instructions on how to pay the fee TK. 500 by invoice and the next thing to do. Follow those instructions. The application reference number must be entered on the invoice before uploading it. Otherwise, your payment will not be accepted and the application will be canceled.

Apply along with the Commissioner of Police in a white paper in Bangla or English, along with a photocopy of the passport attested by the Official Gazetted Officer of the 8th grade. Photocopy of the passport, along with the renewal page, is required to be submitted on the page of the passport containing all the candidate information and if there is any renewal. If required, the original passport should also be displayed Expired passports are not accepted.

Police Verification Registration

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Where do I apply for Bangladesh’s Police clearance?

Bangladeshi nationals living abroad or abroad can apply online using the Internet at pcc.police.gov.bd address or by clicking on the Police verification menu at the Bangladesh Police website (www.police.gov.bd). Applications can also be made on a computer or cellphone The required documents and government fee payment invoices should be scanned and uploaded with the application The applicant will not need to go to the police station in person.

How can I get a Bangladeshi police clearance certificate online?

To apply for an Online Police Verification Certificate, you must first register. After registering, an application form will appear when you log in and click on the Apply menu. Fill out the form with information as appropriate. How is police verification done in Bangladesh?

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How to fill up the police verification form, Bangladesh?

How do I apply for police clearance in BD?  Here, Process of Police Verification certificate-

  1. The first step: Anyone registering an online police verification certificate website can apply for a police clearance certificate on their own or on behalf of others. Click here to register.
  2. The second step: Once the registered user has logged in to the online police clearance certificate site, fill out the application form by clicking on the Apply menu.
  3. The third step: Complete the personal details in the first step of the application form, the current and permanent address in the second step. Police verification will be completed at your current address in the district or metropolitan area.
  4. The fourth step: In the third step of the application form, upload a scanned copy of the required documents.
  5. The fifth step: The fourth step of the application form will be to show all the information you have entered. If there is a mistake in the application, it can be changed back to the previous steps. However, after submitting the application in the fourth step, there will be no further change.
  6. Step six: Click the Pay Offline button to pay the fee in step five of the application form. Follow the instructions on how to pay the fee via invoice and what to do next.
  7. The seventh step: Before uploading the original copy of the invoice, please enter the application reference number on it. Otherwise, your payment will not be accepted and the application will be considered canceled.

You can find more information on this at http://pcc.police.gov.bd/en/

What are the conditions for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Bangladesh?

  1. The current address of the applicant must be under the same Metropolitan / District Police Jurisdiction as the current, permanent or emergency contact address mentioned in the applicant’s passport. In the case of a foreign passport holder, the current address means the address he used to stay in Bangladesh.
  2. If the applicant’s passport does not have an address, the applicant’s current address must be supported by a National Identity Card, Birth ID Card or local ward counselor certificate verified by a first-class gazetted officer.
  3. A foreign passport holder, who holds a passport from abroad, will have to verify his / her passport by the Justice of the Peace in his / her country of residence in order to upload it with the application of police clearance from Bangladesh.
  4. Bangladeshi nationals applying abroad should obtain a passport verified by the Bangladesh High Commission in his / her current residence and upload the application. A passport holder from abroad, who is abroad, will have to upload the application for verification of his passport through a justice of the peace in his country of residence for a police exemption from Bangladesh.
  5. Through this system, only the Bangladeshi nationals living or living in foreign countries and foreign nationals residing in Bangladesh are issued a police permit to return abroad.
  6. For the employment or other needs of Bangladesh, it is requested to contact the District or City Special Branch as required for police exemption.

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How much does a police clearance cost in Bangladesh?

How do I pay for police clearance 2020? Follow Instruction on how to pay by invoice and what to do next. Treasury challan worth Tk. 500 / – (Five Hundred) made in any code from Bangladesh Bank / Sonali Bank (1-7301-0001-2681) or pay online with credit/debit card as per applicable service charges.

What are the documents needs during the investigation of the police clearance?

  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Photocopy of Treasury Chalan copy or online payment.
  • Photocopy of certification letter and other documents obtained from the ward councilor if required.
  • If the investigating police officer wants to show original copies of these documents.

How can I check my police clearance certificate in BD?

How can I check my PCC status online?  Answer- You can Check the Police Verification certificate online visiting the PCC website.

You can check To receive the application update, go to your mobile message option and type “PCC PR” and send SMS to “26969”. In the feedback, SMS will receive the latest update of your application. Update for Police Verification certificate with mobile SMS

How I will get Police clearance challan form in  Bangladesh

You get Police clearance challan form In the Any Brance of Sonali Bank and Bangladesh Bank.police clearance chalan copy

What is the Bangladesh police reference number?

How can I get a Police Verification certificate from the local police station? After submitting the application, a token with a serial number is given from the office. A date is specified in the token. The token has to be submitted to the concerned police station on the specified date.

How long does it take to get a police clearance certificate?

After submitting the application, no more than7 business days in Dhaka and no more than 10 business days outside Dhaka.

Where to collect police clearance certificate in BD

An investigation was then carried out on behalf of the police station. Police Verification certificates are issued within seven (7) business days of this investigation. Foreign citizens / foreign passports residing/working in Bangladesh can collect the police clearance certificate by submitting the application form manually or by an authorized person along with the required documents.

What is the validity of PCC from Bangladesh?


  • What is the validity of a Police Verification certificate?
  • What is the validity of the police verification certificate?
  • How long a police clearance is valid for?
  • Does PCC expire?

Answer: The Bangladesh Police Clearance Certificate expires for 6 months.

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Where can I get a police clearance certificate?

How Can I get police clearance?


  • ‘Police Clearance One Stop Service’, Room-109,
  • Dhaka Metropolitan Police Headquarters,
  • 36, martyr Captain Mansur Ali Sarani, Ramna, Dhaka.

Helpline: 01755660172, 01755660173, 01729271220, 01729271223

Report your problem here Know the ticket number after the first call on any issue Specify the ticket number for the next call in the same issue If the problem is not resolved within the required time, please inform the following number along with the ticket number.

Where can the applicant complain if he/she has to suffer any kind of harassment to get a Police Verification?

In the case of the metropolitan area, the complainant can complain with the deputy police commissioner (headquarters and administration) of the concerned metropolitan area and with the superintendent of police in the district.






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