Now blockbuster! Bangladesh vs India match

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Bangladesh vs India

Bangladesh-India match again Now, these two teams match means another tension.

Before the World Cup a prediction has become the enemy of the nation, Brendan McCullum has been ridiculed how social media! One of the trawlers shown today is shown to Mashrafe bin Murtaza Bangladesh Bangladesh captain saw it surprise!

The troll is just on Facebook?

The visitors are screaming from the gallery on the field and showing the two fingers of the hand, “Look McCullum, we’re two!” – Mashrafe standing under the team hotel of Birmingham and said laughing and laughing. In this laugh, a satirical video was made about McCullum. The Bangladesh captain saw that the stomach was found in the stomach. Mashrafe stopped laughing and said, ‘What is this, now India-Pakistan, now it is the heat-spreading Bangladesh-India match! Now the Bangladesh-India match means the blockbuster show! These are due to social media.

Mashrafe did not say anything wrong

Whatever happens in the social media about the Bangladesh-India match, it sometimes spreads so much, often creating very unpleasant situations. And in this, invisible pressure is created on the cricketers. Egbaston July 2 Bangladesh-India matches such as tension in Birmingham.

Some Bangladeshi expatriates were very sad yesterday night, many did not try to get tickets on July 2. The two searched for a place, but the ticket price has exceeded 200 pounds (about 22 thousand taka)! One said, it will not be in Birmingham, but it will not be in Bangladesh at every venue in England. 70 percent of the gallery will be Indian There will be two arguments why there will be- First, the number of Indian visitors. If 10 applicants apply for a ticket, 100 people of India! For commercial reasons, the ICC has given importance to the Indian fans’ demand in India’s match.

Owal, Cardiff, Tanton, Trent Bridge, Southampton, which will not be available in the Eagbastan Gallery, well known Mashrafe The Champions Trophy semifinal played at the ground. Blue eyes have more than blue eyes! Whether or not the visitors should have huge support or not, Bangladesh captain is more worried about the wicket of Edgbaston. Get high scoring wickets like the Champions Trophy, or the low scoring match. New wicket or wickets used? If play is used on a wicket, then Bangladesh will be very happy. In the tournament, Mashrafe won three matches and used every wicket.

Mashrafe does not want to say anything about India-match right now. However, the representative of the team, talking to the journalists at noon, said Mehdi Hassan Miraj, “We have lost so many matches with India that we got very close. I did not get to touch the fortune. I hope we can win this match if Allah’s help. Yes, of course India is a tough opponent. They are playing with great powers, playing well. We are not pressing for that. Naturally I hope to play something good. “

Source: Prothom Alo- 26-06-219