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Popular TV screen actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila Video. Once upon a time, he was rarely seen through acting, but through this, he was rarely seen. However, following the separation with Tahsan, there have been discussions on various issues in recent times and criticism has also been made.

This time, the intimate picture of Mithila went viral through social media. When the pictures were posted to a Facebook group on Monday, they immediately went viral.

In those films, Mithila is in an uproar with drama director and actor Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. In one image, Fahmi is kissing Mithila and in the other picture, the two are seen in the same bed. When the pictures are viral through social media, many are throwing different comments towards Mithila. Attempts to contact Fahmi and Mithila to talk about the matter were not found.

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mithila srijit
Mithila Srijit

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On the other hand, many people say that just by looking at pictures, they do not mean editing. However, whatever is said about the photo is already going viral on social media Facebook. Some even say that these pictures may be part of a drama or a telefilm, ignoring the edit or the setting. So it is not okay to go viral for such comments or pictures without being sure.

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For a long time, Mithila has met Kolkata director Manjit Mukherjee several times before. Showbiz contends that there is a love affair between them. It is also heard that they are going to get married. It is to be noted that Mithila was tied to a marriage with musician Tahsan on August 23, 2012. Ayra Tehrim Khan is the only child of a Tahsan-Mithila couple. After that, the two divorced in the middle of the 20th because they were not married.

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Some intimate photos of actress Mithila and director Iftekhar Fahmi circulating from timeline to timeline on social media Facebook. It has already gone viral nationwide. Director Iftekhar Fahmi has opened his mouth in this regard. He wrote on a Facebook status, “Yes, Mithila and I have been alien. Not once but many times. And there is nothing fun about it. We’re two just friends. ‘

When contacted by Mithila to find out about this, he said, ‘This is not an unusual picture.’ After saying this he cut off the phone.

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It may be recalled that a Facebook group titled ‘Tech Entertainment’, along with creator and director Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, leaked some photos of actress Rafiqat Rashid Mithila’s intimate moment. The film went viral on Monday (November 7). A popular media in the country has reported.

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The news says that the pictures have been seen by many on social media Facebook. Attempts to contact Fahmi and Mithila to talk about the matter were not found. Earlier, Mithila had heard about love with Kolkata movie director Shri Manjeet Mukherjee. However, no confirmed news was available at that time.


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