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Protect your personal information and protect your privacy Policy
Those who visit their company’s website (s) or other related sites respect their privacy, and are so committed to taking all reasonable steps to secure existing or potential customers, applicants and visitors of the website.

The company maintains any personal information of its clients and its potential clients according to applicable data protection laws and regulations.

We always have our necessary and appropriate technical and organizational systems and procedures to ensure that your information is safe at all times. You understand the importance of maintaining, protecting and honoring your personal information and privacy, and therefore we regularly carry out awareness and awareness programs for all of our employees.

We do not break the privacy of the person very seriously, and relevant punitive measures are imposed, including the dismissal from employment and proper enforcement law. We have employed a data protection officer (a staff member of a related XM group entity) so that our company can manage your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations and in accordance with this privacy policy.

When you register yourself with personal information on our company’s website (s) and / or as a user of the services, your registered information is classified as protected in a variety of ways. You can access your registered information after logging in to your subscribers area with an selected user name and password. You must make sure that your password is not disclosed to anyone other than you. Registered information is safely stored in a protected area and only authorized workers can access a username and password.

All personal information is transferred to the company through a secure 128-bit SSL connection and thus all necessary measures such as obtaining information are taken from the unauthorized party. Personal information given to the company, which are not registered classified information, is also kept in a safe place and accessible only by a username and a password authorized by the user.

Sending information over the Internet is not always completely secure, but the company accepts important alerts. After accepting your personal information so that they are given the highest security, we prevent unauthorized access and apply all security features.

What kind of personal information do we collect?
In order to open an account with us, fill in all the necessary information in the account form and submit it to us. By filling out this application, you are requested to publish your personal information so that your application can be evaluated and managed by the relevant law (including their regulation) company. Your information may also be used by the company to inform you about your services.

We can collect the information from you below

Your full name, residential address and contact details (email address, telephone number, fax etc);

Date of birth, birth place, gender, citizenship;

Information about your income and assets, including details of your fund, assets and liabilities, bank account information, trading statements, FATCA and CRS information, including the source of financial statements;

Trading account balance, trading activity, your search and our responses;

Information about if you are a public public function (PPP);

Career and employment details;

Authentication information (such as signature);

Location information;

Trading performance, knowledge and experience;

Verification information, including the information needed to verify your identity, such as a passport or a driver’s license (for example, we get background information from public records or other terms not connected with us). Also, we may collect other identifying information such as identification number and / or passport / tax registration number;

Relevant to our service to you and any other information specifically used by you about your trading experience.

We can collect the information in a number of ways, including our website, applications, account opening applications, our demo sign-up form, Webinar sign-up form, subscribe to news updates, and through your services and ongoing customer service communications. We collect this information. We may collect this information about you through third parties such as your payment provider and publicly available sources. We also keep records of your trading behavior, the following related records:

The products you trade and their performance;

Historical data of the trade and investments you make, including your capital invested;

Specific product and service information of your choice;

We may also seek other personal information from time to time (such as through market research or survey);

If you have not provided this information, you will need to complete your request for a particular product or service, we will not be able to provide the product or service you requested.

We can record any communication, electronic, telephone, personally or otherwise, which we have with you and our business relationship with us. This recording will remain solely as our property and will form the evidence of communication between us. Such telephonic conversations can be recorded without an alert tone or any other notification. Also, if you visit our office or premises, we may have a CCTV that can record your picture.

Internet cookies are small text files containing many data that are sent from our website to your web browser and are stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies from your web browser will never be celebrated as code pieces or viruses, they work as logs, that is, they remember user activity and useful information. These cookies are used to provide you the best service for all the features of our website.

Cookies are often used on many websites on the Internet, and you can choose how your cookie will change your preferences and options in your browser. If you do not accept cookies from our website in your browser, you may not be able to access some parts of our website, especially the company’s members area and other secure parts of our website. So if you want to benefit from all of our online services, then we recommend enabling you to accept cookies.

Besides, those cookies have already visited our website (s) and have shown interest in our products and services, these cookies help them to re-use marketing features. Based on your previous usage data base on our website (s), we will be able to use our third-party advertisers like Google and Adler to display our advertisements in phases. You can opt out of certain cookies by clicking on the Google Ad Settings page and double-click opt-out pages at any time.

The company’s session ID uses cookies and percussion cookies. A session ID cookie ejects after a certain time or close the browser window. Persistence cookies are on your hard drive for an extended period. You can delete the cookie at any time by following the instructions provided in the ‘Help’ file of your web browser.

Changes and updates to privacy policy
Our privacy policy is reviewed regularly, so that any new restrictions and technologies, as well as any change in our business activity and practice, may be in conformity with the new rules policy of the variable regulatory board. The personal information we store is governed by our most recent privacy policy.

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post these changed privacy policy at other places or where we consider fit. What information do we collect, or if we disclose any information or change any information, then you can be aware of any situation or situation.

How to communicate with us
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please email us at