Cricket World Cup 2019: How to Play and Television

How to Play and Television
Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket World Cup 2019 in 11 Fields of England and Wales for one and a half months. But the international cricket council or the ICC has promised ‘state-of-the-art’ TV coverage to watch the World Cup, about 100 million people will watch the World Cup, and not be able to play cricket on their field.

48 matches will be held in the World Cup in the 46 days since May 30. ICC TV will broadcast all the matches live.

ICC says

The coverage of the World Cup will be unprecedented from the use of technology and cameras, “State of the Art”

In each match, at least 32 cameras will be used, eight of them will be ‘Ultra-Motion’, ‘Hawk-Eye’ camera. There are cameras on the front and back of the stamps. As well as the “Spider Camera” running on the ground, there will be rugged rails.

The sky will have a drone-powered camera with viewers from all over the stadium and surrounding areas.

The ICC says, this is the first time that the replay of important moments of the match and also the analysis will be done by the TV viewers in such a way that they have never experienced before. The footage of some cameras will be added to this ‘360 degree’ replay.

The ICC has released the final list of commentators.

Apart from star commentators like Nasser Hussain, Ian Bishop, Kumar Sangakkara, Mike Atherton, Sourav Ganguly, Sanjay Manjrekar, Wasim Akram, Ramiz Raja and Mark Nicholas: Melanie Jones, Alison Mitchell, Brendon McCullum, Graeme Smith, Shaun Pollock, Michael Slater, Mark Nicholas, Michael Holding, Isha Guha, Pami Bangwa, Harsh Vapla, Simon Daul, Yan Smith, Atar Ali Khan, Yo T Word and defending World Cup-winning captain Michael Clarke.

What will be the Cricket World Cup 2019?

Cricket scholars excited. They say that this year’s World Cup may be the most spectacular, enjoyable, competing tournament.

Nasser Hussain: “May be the most enjoyable World Cup … I look forward to being a witness in this history.”

Brendan McCullum: “… I’m joining the World Cup in a different role. I’m waiting for a drama filled with dramas.”

Kumar Sangakkara: “This year’s World Cup will probably be the most competitive tournament in this period, England is favorites, but there are many qualified challengers.”

Melanie Jones: “The strength of the 10 teams, the potential of being an unprecedented champion, is very strong. There may be many unpleasant incidents, and a team that has not won the first time can win the World Cup for the first time.”

Wasim Akram: “This World Cup will be played in the format of 1992 World Cup. Each team will get a lot of opportunity to qualify … It will be tough competition and hope to see unprecedented cricket skills.”

That will be the Cricket World Cup 2019 in that venue

48 matches in the World Cup that lasted from May 30 to 46 days. These matches will be held at 11 stadiums in England and Wales.

1. Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham, Seats – 25,000

Britain’s fourth largest cricket stadium after the Ground Lords, Oval and Old Trafford, built in 1886 in the Warichers County Cricket Club. Regular Test Match Venue In 2013, the ICC Champions Trophy final was held in Edgbaston. It was the first ever international tournament tournament outside of Lord’s.

Egbaston will have five matches, including a semifinal, this year. The matches will be held in July and Bangladesh in Edgbaston.

2. Bristol Cricket Ground, Bristol, Seats – 11000

Founded in 1889, this cricket stadium has been home-ground for the Glastarshire County Cricket Club for 130 years. Although it was so old, here in 1983 (between New Zealand and Sri Lanka) the first international match was held. Since then there is an ODI match in the average year here. There was still no Test match. Although the size of the field is very large, the number of seats is only 11000.

There will be three matches in this field. There are matches between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on June 11.

3. Sofia Gardens, Cardiff, Wales, Seats – 15,200

Since 1967, the ground has been the home ground of the Glamorgan County Cricket Club. But here is the first international match on May 20, 1999 (Australia v New Zealand). There is a regular ODI match since 2001. There are four matches in this World Cup. The match between Bangladesh and England will be on 8th June at the Cardiff Field.

4. Riverside, Chester le Street, Durham, Seat – 14,000

New cricket stadium. Starting in 1995, the home ground of Durham County, which won the status of Test Venues in 2003, There will be three matches in this field.

5. Headingley, Leeds, Seats – 18,350

Tests have been held since 1899 at the grounds of Yorkshire County Club. The first ODI match was played on 5th of September, 1973, in England and West Indies.

There will be 4 matches in the 2015 World Cup in Headingley.

6. Lord’s, London, Seats- 28,500

The cricket ground in London, known as ‘home of cricket’, was established in 1814. MCC’s ownership of this home ground of Middlesex County Club Until 2005, the ICC headquarters were here.

Five matches will be played along with the final match at Lord’s. Bangladesh will face Pakistan on 5th of July.

7. Oval, London, Seats – 25,000

The first Test match between England and Australia on England soil was in Oval Field, in 1880. Football was also played at the stadium in 1845. However, this home ground in the Surrey County Club is now only playing cricket.

Five World Cup matches will be held in Oval ground. There are two matches after Oval in Bangladesh. On June 2, with Bangladesh’s first match in South Africa, On 5th June, Bangladesh will next match with New Zealand in the Oval ground.

8. Old Trafford, Manchester, visitors – 24,600

Old Trafford is one of England’s oldest and traditional cricket grounds whose age is more than 150. At first it was the grounds of the Manchester Cricket Club, but since 1864 it was home to the Lancashire County Club. In 1884 (July 10-12) the first Test match of the Ashes was done at Old Trafford. The first ODI was played in the field on August 24, 1972, between England and Australia.

There will be six matches with a semifinal here. They include the match between India and Pakistan on June 16th.

9 Trent Bridge, Nottingham, Seats – 17,000

Test matches in Trent Bridge from 1899 are being played. The first ODI was held in England in 1974 between England and Pakistan on 31st August. There are lots of runs in this field. England’s highest ODI score of 481 runs at the Nottingham County Club ground.

This World Cup will be played in Trent Bridge. On 20th June there will be a fight between Bangladesh and Australia.

10. Rowshol, Sadamattan, Seats – 17,000

This home ground in Hampshire Cricket County has a new cricket ground compared to other grounds. Although established in 2001, the field has three formats (Test, ODI, T-Twenty) cricket. But the World Cup is the first one.

There will be five matches in this World Cup in Rohanbol. These include Afghanistan and Bangladesh matches, June 24th.

11. Tonton, Somerset, Seats – 8,000

Somerset County Cricket Club’s home ground was introduced in 1882 but still did not get the status of Test venues. However, since 1983, there is an ODI match.

There will be three matches of the Cricket World Cup 2019, including the match between Bangladesh and West Indies on June 17, in Tottenham.