I want to be an entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

I want to be an entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg he founder of Facebook, has not been an entrepreneur with any announcement. He started thinking of sitting in his home garage with a friend of his class. Take the initiative to innovate in a way that class lectures can be shared with classmates. They also created a beautiful system of digital methods. Developed in time. That’s today’s Facebook

Most youths in Bilat-América want to do something new. It is normal for the entrepreneur to be there. But most of the young people in our country want to work. Nobody wants to be an entrepreneur.

This is due to the lack of current social thinking, and the lack of enthusiasm for some youth. Job is better than business, honorable If you do business then you have to run behind the money. Ghoultus takes. Those are bad That’s why we have to declare ourselves, I want to be an entrepreneur. That does not mean that the job is bad. Someone will work, someone will be the entrepreneur. There is no dispute between these two.

We do not understand that the entrepreneurs are coming soon. Especially in this digital era, you can easily get a good entrepreneur in TSC by taking a laptop. But after passing the master’s exam, your sandal’s floor was dropped due to the month-to-month interview, job joteni.

But you have to be a vendor to be an entrepreneur. A dream Practical pursuit Passion. Must have to stand up. More specifically, today’s knowledge-based thinking

These words were said by experienced negotiators in a roundtable meeting of the first light held recently. The subject was ‘Youth’s initiative: Challenges and possibilities’. There young entrepreneurs came. Policymakers were also. They talk about their experience. Talks of Challenges And said about the satisfaction of fulfilling their dream.

Kausar Ahmed, the world’s number one Joomla-based company, zoomsipar, is now only 34 years old. He could not take the exam for one year due to various reasons. Do not know what to do. He learned programming. Freelance started working. Make software Software copyright sold at one time. Income continues to grow. His software company now has 40 workers.

Style Creative Studio’s Chief Tahmina Shaley sells online ideas. Can you think, this is also a profession? But he is doing well. His latest design jewelry is sold online. He said, ‘Wish was a smart thing to do something. His main experience is that there is no need to move behind the money. If you are small behind the work, then the money runs behind you.
The literal meaning is literally true.

Manjurul Haque, a chainsaw sponsor of 11 restaurants in Dhaka and Chittagong. He was living in Singapore for several years. There he saw a restaurant where young people came and told stories. Spend time. In the open, the restaurant is very popular among young people. With the idea from there, the restaurant of Manzurul Huq Chittagong opened. The name spreads in a very short time. Now even in Dhaka.

Manzur has basically emphasized on both sides. First, a little open environment. Young people will chat. And secondly, the standard of food. Healthy and disorganized The buyer’s line is now there.

I remember a few years ago a restaurant in San Diego, San Francisco. Twigs coffee In a quiet environment there people brought a laptop to a restaurant. Writes-poems-writing novels. From Paris-London there also the novelists came. Every weekend there is a joke in the evening. The five newcomers of the week read or recite their comedies. What’s funny, is not it?

About 50 years ago, there were some such restaurants in Dhaka. Miranda Restaurant in Raasahib Bazar was in Old Dhaka. There the poets and writers used to go there. Syed Shamsul Huq used to sit there, write it. Tales of stories. Nawabpur was a capital restaurant. There were also many poets and writers coming and going. But they were not exactly like today’s Barcod restaurant. There was a different kind of initiative. Whatever the evolution of entrepreneurs has happened.

About 22-23 million young people entering our labor market every year. They have to make income and income. Everyone else will get jobs. The entrepreneur will take it. Then there will be others jobs.
Kazi Aminul Islam, executive director of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), said the government took some special initiatives. It will be possible to create 1 million entrepreneurs within a few years. We want that.

Entrepreneurs need some collaboration. They have to know how to build an organization in accordance with the laws of the country. To know the VAT-tax rules. Daffodil International University has an Innovation and Entrepreneur Division. UGC needs a special initiative. Such universities are now very much needed at every university.

In fact, every young man has the quality of being an entrepreneur. But from our childhood, our society and family discouraged in many ways. Our young people know very well how to start something new. Sometimes there is no need to capitalize too much. They know what kind of services or products they can market. The new demand is being created in the digital era. Young people are well aware about that.

Just give them encouragement. Then their intelligence will be opened. In today’s era, Dalhout for young people who have been established as a modern technology entrepreneur.
-Abdul Qayyum, Associate Editor-Prothom Alo.