Akbar Ali is a Bangladeshi Cricketer


Akbar Ali is a Bangladeshi cricketer. Akbar Ali Under-19 Captain of Bangladesh Cricket team.

Akbar Ali Captain

In December 2019 Akbar Ali was named as the captain of Bangladesh’s squad for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Under Akber Ali’s captaincy, Bangladesh became the champion 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup in South Africa.

About Akbar Ali Cricketer

Question Answer
Full Name Mohammad Akbar Ali (ESPNCricinfo)
Referred as Akbar the Great”
Akbar Ali Ranking —-
Date of Birth October 8, 2001, Rangpur
Akbar Ali Age 18 years — days (on 8/02/2020)
Fathers Name Mohammad Mostafa (Furniture Businessman)
Mothers Name Sahida Begum (Housewife)
Home District Rangpur
Village/Resident Jumapara Hanumantala, West of Rangpur Metropolis
Brother/ Sister Total Five (5), 3 Brother, 1 Sister, and Akbar is the youngest.
Captain World XI (Feb 11, 2020) ICC U19 Cricket World Cup team (WK, Captain) (Matches 6, Runs 69, Avg 69.00, SR 68.31, Best 43*; Dismissals 6) – ESPNCricinfo
Cricket Academy Osim Memorial Cricket Academy, Rangpur
First Coach Anjan Sarker
BKSP Admission 2012
Major Teams Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s
Which Team played Under17, Under 19 & Premier League
Twenty 20 Debut 25 February 2019
Batting Style Right-hand bat
First Play Dhaka Premier Division Twenty20 Cricket League (2018-19)
Named as the captain December 2019 (for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup.)
First Debut (A Categories) 8 March 2019
The Champion  2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup they defeated India by 3 wickets, by DLS method, to win their first-ever ICC title.
Fielding position Wicketkeeper
Akbar Ali Height in Feet Height 5 feet 11 inches
Marital Status Unmarried (Akbar Ali Wife—–)
Academic School Rangpur Begum Rokeya Hogh School (Class 5), Lions School and College, Rangpur
SSC Result A+ (2016)
HSC Result 4.42 (2018)
Favorite Player Shakib Al Hasan, AB de Villiers, and Jos Butler.

How Referred as “Akbar the Great”

The people of the country made Akbar great on  2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. But long ago, he had put the ‘Great’ designation with his name. On Instagram, you’ll find ‘Akbar the Great’ in English. His Instagram-journey began with some arithmetic numbers with the name Akbar in the 21st. But last year the name was changed to ‘Akbar-the Great’. Akbar saw the future before?

The prudent captain’s wise reply, ‘I have seen three great names on earth. Akbar, Alexander, and Ashoka. Since my name is Akbar, this is why this is great writing.


What is more, trying to say ‘Great’ with Mughal Emperor Akbar, who loves the first world hero of Bangladesh Akbar Ali. Of course, like Emperor Akbar, captain Akbar Ali’s name will shine brightly on the diamond. Maybe many, many times. Bangladesh won the first World Cup under the leadership of Akbar.

The people of the country made Akbar great on Sunday night. But long ago, he had put the ‘Great’ designation with his name. On Instagram, you’ll find ‘Akbar the Great’ in English. His Instagram-journey started with a few mathematical numbers in the 2017th name with Akbar. But last year the name was changed to ‘Akbar-the Great’. Akbar saw the future before?

The prudent captain’s wise reply, ‘I have seen three great names on earth. Akbar, Alexander and Ashoka. Since my name is Akbar, this is why this is great writing. Ha… ha…. ”Who knew, people would call him by that name in love!

Home and family in Rangpur
Home in Jummapara in Rangpur city. Akbar is the youngest of five siblings. He was staying out of class seven because of his studies at Bangladesh Sports Academy (BKSP). The twin baby died on January 22 during the World Cup. Akbar’s father is a businessman, mother housewife.

Akbar became a BKSP
Akbar wants to become a cricketer after seeing his elder brother Murad Hossain. The Anjan govt holds academic bat-ball in the field of Rangpur Zilla School. On that day, the names of Suhrawardy Shubha and Nasir Hossain, two cricketers from their district and BKSP’s student national team, reached their ears. The dream is to become a big cricketer. At the district level, he enrolled in the BKSP enrolled in the BKSP. Then just move on. The Under-19 team has played in the Under-17 team before. Has the experience of leading the BKSP’s age-based teams from the front.

A+ at SSC
Most of the time without sleep, Akbar bat and ball in the world. It did not go to study, but academic education played a helpful role in playing well. He got this plus from the humanities branch at SSC, sitting on the bookshelf in the gap of the game.

Akbar’s hard work for being a good cricketer. We have to wake up in the morning and leave the playground. At the end of the fracture, the hostel returned to the hostel after eating timely meals. But in the morning after the fracture of the bone and what the algebraic formula, the English grammar wants to enter! Eyes to sleep and sleep. But the son of Rangpur has achieved success in both dreams, betting and hard work.


The first division game is underway during the SSC exam. They’ve both run together. Modakkatha, in the test room, also managed to handle 2016 yards. Finally, I got A+ In the context of Bangladesh, sports are no longer at par with education – Akbar has never heard less.

How did he match the two poles? ‘When I read, I only worry about reading. When I play again, I just worry about playing. When I do that I pay close attention. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to playing or play less for reading ”- Akbar added at one point by calculating the game and reading score.

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Akbar is forced to knock at a place. Wicketkeeper whether a boy of 5 feet 5 inches height. It can be thought of! There is no question about his batting ability. Why is the wicketkeeper with such height? Akbar often has to answer the question, ‘My wicketkeeper is the advice of my mezzo brother.’

Favorite cricketer Shakib Al Hasan
His likes are AB de Villiers and Jos Buttler out of the country. Shakib Al Hasan in the country. The elder brother of BKSP and national team star Shakib also stated the reason for not liking the number one all-rounder. However, his match is more found with Mushfiqur Rahim. Both are BKSP students, wicketkeepers, middle-order batsmen.

Both have the experience of leading an under-19 team. There is another big similarity. Both got the plus at SSC. Everything is going well. Will there be another issue in the end? Akbar will be the wicketkeeper of the national team in the future! Will his cold head lead with the national team someday!

The parents of suicide captain Akbar Ali are happy to win Bangladesh in the Under-19 World Cup. They congratulated the countrymen on the success of the first world win for the country. Cricket lovers have dedicated their happiness. Rangpurites are floating with joy for Akbar.

The procession was carried out on Sunday night in various parts of the city. Cricketers crowd the house of Hanumanthala, Jumapara, west of Zaman Akbar. In the evening, flowers were sent by the Rangpur Deputy Commissioner and the District Sports Association to Akbar’s house.

BCB President Nazmul Hasan spoke to Akbar Ali’s family over the telephone. He congratulated Akbar’s family for the victory.

The identity of Akbar Ali

Akbar Ali, the youngest of four sons and a daughter of a furniture businessman Mohammad Mostafa and Sahida Begum couple of Hanumantala village in West Jummapara town of Rangpur metropolis. At the age of six, he started playing tennis balls and broken bat in the lane. Practicing at the academy started with the advice of older brother to play. He is currently the captain of the Under-5 team.

The story of becoming a cricketer

From a very early age, Akbar the Great was addicted to cricket. After seeing his son’s addiction to cricket, his father admitted him to the Infinite Memorial Cricket Academy at Rangpur District School grounds. Academy coach Anjan is his real hand in cricket with the government’s hand. There he spent more than three years training.

Akbar was admitted to the BKSP, the country’s best sports academy, in 2002. Then just move on. He got a chance to play in the BKSP’s age-based team. The experience of leadership grows in parallel. Akbar did not read-only about cricket. He also did a great job of studying.

Where Akbar Ali studied

Rangpur Begum passed the fifth grade at Rokeya High School’s children Niketan and was admitted to Lions School and College. There, I got a chance at BKSP while studying in the sixth grade. There, education and sports continued together. He got GPA-5 in the SSC exam in 2016. Received GPA-4.42 at HSC in 2018 years.

The death of the only sister turned into mourning

When Akbar Ali went to the field with a cricket bat, the only elder sister was Khadija Khatun Rani. He used to pray for his younger brother, sitting at the gymnasium. So that the brother can play well and return with a healthy body and victory. Akbar Ali has won the Youth World Cup. But sister Khadija Khatun Rani could not see it. He died on January 20 after giving birth to twins.

Akbar made mourning the death of his only sister. Meanwhile, Akbar’s mother Sahida Akhter said after winning the Bangladesh U-19 World Cup after defeating India in the finals in South Africa on Sunday, “Akbar has played for the country.

The title of winning the first World Cup in the history of Bangladesh. It is a matter of pride for us. Akbar’s father Mohammed Mostafa said, “With the undying mercy of the Creator, my son has highlighted the name of Bangladesh to the world. He is now the first World Cup-winning captain in the history of Bangladesh. The craftsman is the one who brings Bangladesh’s success to the world at any stage. ”

Anjan, a First cricket coach

Anjan Sarker, Akbar Ali’s younger cricket coach, said, “He has played cricket for more than three years at the Infinite Memorial Cricket Academy at Rangpur District School grounds. I understand at the beginning of his batting style and his talent that he will one day be a great cricketer. Akbar Ali was the batting all-rounder. I taught him cricket while I was in the sixth grade. I have a hand in his cricket.

He is a talented and gentle boy. Akbar Ali can give good leadership. From the beginning, he has served as either a vice-captain or captain. Rangpur cricketers, including Rangpur cricketer Tariq Anam Reuben, said: “If we start the closed games at district and division level, better players will be created.” In craft If the youngsters are further trained, they too will showcase their best at the national level.

Cricket fans cheering

This time, the continuation of doing good in everything is on the shoulders of the leadership of Bangladesh Jubo Dal. Rangpur’s son Akbar Ali has shown a great deal of flair for the South African ICC Under-7 World Cup leadership. Meanwhile, cricket fans are also rejoicing in the divisional city of Rangpur as in other districts of the World Cup win. The procession took place on Sunday night at various places including Begum Rokeya University, Carmichael College, Lalbagh, City Bazar, Kachari Bazar.

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