38 BCS Viva Result 2020 in Bangladesh


38th BCS Cadre Viva Result 2020 will be Published to known Bangladesh Public Service Commission BPSC Website of Bangladesh Government. The BCS exam is undoubtedly the most important thing for the most valuable government jobs in the country. The process of the 38th BCS is going on in full form after the regular schedule provided by the authorities. However, due to the recent epidemic of coronavirus around the world, the results of the 38th BCS have been postponed and the rest of the process is now closed.

BPSC 38th BCS Result 2020

সরকারি কর্ম কমিশন (পিএসসি) 38th BCS Viva চূড়ান্ত ফলাফল প্রকাশ হল, দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন-Result

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The 38th BCS Viva exam started on July 29, 2019, and continued till February 2020. The results of the 38th BCS written test were published on July 1, 2019, and a total of 9862 employees passed the test. About 2160 posts have to be filled by suitable staff and 3 lakh and 89 thousand applicants are fighting for the vacant posts.

38th BCS Result pdf Download

38th BCS Result pdf version you can download from on this website. Recently, the Public Service Commission or BPSC has noticed that the results of the 38th BCS are still valid and it is yet to be confirmed what will happen in the coming days. Several newspapers in Bangladesh have reported that the 38th BCS Viva results have now been postponed and there has been no real progress due to the recent epidemic.

BPSC Chairman Mr. MD Sadiq said, “We have almost completed the process and the results were on the way to be released in March. But because of Corona’s situation, all preparations have stopped and there is nothing left now but to wait for it to end.

How to published 38th BCS Result 2020

Results of the 38th Bangladesh Civil Services (BCS) Viva Examination have been published.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) has published BCS results on www.bpsc.gov.bd BCS result website.

When will be Published BCS Result in Bangladesh

In the announce time Bangladesh Public service commission will be published BCS result 2020. So, you can visite allalo website for the desired result.

The results of the final examination of the 36th BCS 2020 have been announced at www.bpsc.gov.bd. You can download the BCS result as a PDF or test the result with input with your roll number. Or you can check the results by clicking on the link below.

How can get BCS Exam Result by Mobile SMS 

38th BCS Exam Result SMS Format:


EXAMPLE: PSC 38 22207789 AND SEND 16222

38th BCS Final Exam Result 2020

Recommended as an Assistant Secretary or Assistant Commissioner & Executive Magistrate or BCS General Education or Assistant Superintendent of Police etc. in 38th BCS. The absolute lucky ones will come out from within these Viva candidates! Maybe you yourself! Yes, you are! I am talking about you suffering from frustration for a long time! He studied night after night, spent the day eating the least expensive meal in the canteen due to a lack of money.

As soon as Friday came, he grabbed the job magazine and said that a new circular had come.

He is reassuring his parents day after day that this is the job. The treatment of the mother who is suffering from the disease will take the yoke of the father’s family on her shoulders, will give the marriage of the sister with pomp. This dreamer is giving you the 36th BCS Viva. Someone is getting the cadre of dreams with the worst viva, getting frustrated with the best.

It can not be said that the creator will wear the royal crown on the forehead! It feels good to think!

BCS is a 6 digit result that will exist in its own glory with the identity of your next 6 generations! To make you human by shedding the blood of your body, you will smile at your father’s complacency and raise your head in the society and say I am successful today, I am the happiest person in the world! You are a superstar in your area, people in your area will say “I am from that area” with your identity away!

Thinking you will get the first choice, second or education, or education, you have got the first choice by surprise, everyone! Now stay flying for a while!

38th BCS Viva Final Result 2020 | bpsc.gov.bd viva voce result

Now your feet will gently touch the ground! As you become a cadre, you will become a different kind of person, even the boy who walks with his collar high will bow down! The girl who is blabbering on all the time will also speak fluently! Forgive any person who has kept your family on the run for life, even though the family has the power of the police! Because you will be the highest bureaucrat in the country! One day you will be the secretary, you will be the ambassador or the IGP of the police, you will be the policymaker!

With your honesty, devotion, and corruption-free steps, the country will move forward faster! Give your child and family a comfortable and happy life by overcoming bribery and corruption! Because you believe in natural punishment! Bribe? Nothing happened to you, maybe your wife gave birth to a disabled child or someone in your family had a chronic illness! What do you do to blame the creator?

৩৮ তম বিসিএস রেজাল্ট ২০২০ এ উত্তীনদের অভিনন্দন

In exchange for a lot of sacrifice and patience, you are going to get the dream cadre! Soon someone will wake you up and knock on the door of your heart in the weary afternoon and say ‘I am the 36th result, I have come, I have come with the cadre of your dreams’!

May God fulfill the hopes of everyone’s mind!

Those whose dreams will be shattered will stick to it inshallah. Don’t despair. Frustration is an obstacle to success!

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Reference: BPSC Bangladesh.