Cricket World Cup 2019: India and Pakistan match

india vs pakistan captain
India vs Pakistan Captain india vs pakistan match. Source: youtube

India and Pakistan are struggling at the Old Trafford Cricket Stadium.

After the attack in Pulwama, there was a lot of discussion in the International Cricket Council from the field of politics on the India-Pakistan match.

At one stage, India also did not send a letter to the ICC to play against Pakistan. But this is going to end up in the field.

Who will have eyes?

Rohit Sharma-Batsman, India

India has got two matches to play so far. A match has been played in the rain.

Rohit Sharma has scored 179 runs in these two matches.

Rohit has scored a century and a half century.

Rohit Sharma, known as Indian team’s hit man

Virat Kohli and all-rounder Virat Kohli, the difference between the score is quite a lot, that’s what Rohit Sharma did.

Mohammad Amir-Bowler, Pakistan

Mohammad Aamir, who did not announce the primary squad for the World Cup, was not in the team.

Opportunities not found due to illness in England series

But, as usual, Amir was born with a ball on the big stage.

So far, Amir has taken 10 wickets in 3 matches.

Two more wickets were found in this World Cup.

Mitchell Starc who played 5 matches, got 13 wickets

Pat Cummins also took 11 wickets in 5 matches.

When Pakistan is bowling against Australia, Australia are moving toward more than 350 collections in the middle of the match.

From there, Mohammad Aamir stuck at 307 to Australia

Maiden took 10 overs and five wickets for 30 runs.

Eighth Pakistani bowler Mohammad Aamir took five wickets in the World Cup.

Before the match the two team spokespersons what are saying

Virat Kohli, the captain of India, looks like another match in the match against Pakistan, his teammates have seen.

“Enjoy the game, it’s in another cricket match,” Kohli gave the message to the teammates.

Shekhar Dhawan was once thought to be in India one day before going to the field.

But Virat Kohli does not want to think about it all.

He wants to trust Lokesh Rahul.

Possible Indian Idad: Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Vijay Shankar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kedar Yadav, Haldik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuvvendra Chahal and Jaspreet Bumrah.

“If he wins against India, he will be immortal,” Mickey Arthur, Pakistan coach.

Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur says that if Pakistan is good in three departments, it would be difficult to handle Pakistan.

“We have to be tough, it will be tough to stop us, it will be consistently performed,” says Mickey Arthur.

What is the weather in Manchester?

The weather is the biggest concern of this match.

A day before the match, it was rainy rain in Manchester

Weather forecast says Manchester City has the potential to get more rain on Sunday.

Which is 50 percent to 70 percent.

However, there is a possibility of making the match in the field, reduced to over.

The temperature will be slightly higher than usual.

Aim of Indian and Pakistani supporters in Manchester

Two or three days before the match in Manchester, supporters from India and Pakistan crowded.

The famous fan of Pakistan, Jalil uncle, and the Indian flag, Sudhir, has been seen in a festival celebrated in Manchester.

It is still difficult to find places in the hotels.

There were only four thousand of them appearing for the match at the Old Trafford Stadium, with a little more than 25,000-capacity capacity.

About 1 billion people sit for watching this match on the television screen.

Source: BBC.