Mashrafe is my best student-Sir Andy Roberts

Mashrafe is my best student
Mashrafe -Sir Andy Roberts

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, the biggest contributor to today’s ‘Mashrafe’, is West Indies legend
Sir Anderson Montgomery Everton Roberts . Roberts, the head of bowling attack for the West Indies in the 1975 and 1979 World Cup wins, has been working with fast bowlers in Bangladesh from 2001 to 2005. Under him, Mashrafe joined a camp in BKSSP. Tiger Captain made in his hand.

He called Mashrafe to Kaushik. This is Mashrafe’s nickname. The Narail Express bowling coach was seen in Tornan’s ‘Corner House Hotel’. There, remembering the memories of the dear student Kaushik (Mashrafe), he said, “How many times have I done fun with him! I know him as Kaushik.

Earlier, Mashrafe could not put his mind on BKSP training camp. So decide to leave home. Without leaving anyone to go to Narail, he left the camp and went to a uncle’s home in Mirpur. Roberts did not see the favorite student in the morning the next morning and went straight to Mirpur to Mashrafe’s uncle’s address. Embarrassed voice said to Mashrafe, ‘Join the camp!’ The teacher could not disobey the words of Kaushik! And that’s why Bangladesh got today’s Mashrafei Robert said, “When he was 16-17 years old, he was very interested in bowling. When I came back from Bangladesh, I gave him the only advice which I can do with my heart. That was the only bowler who never said anything at all. That’s why I loved him very much. He has not changed that attitude yet. ‘

He left Bangladesh in 2005. But Mashrafe has his mind! Dear students say! Andy Roberts said that , “Mashrafe Mortaza was the best in my student. He was the only pacer who was firmly determined. Was self-confident. Wishing the hard work. “The more this Mashrafe sees, the more wonder is the windy legend, ‘I am really surprised to see him yet, how much he can still work! He also hurts for the knee surgery to take wickets. People will remember him and respect him. He had to go through the troubles in between. There has been a lot of storm over his body. ‘

A few weeks ago, the talk was with Mashrafe. The phone has inspired me, ‘I was talking to him several weeks ago and I had a meeting with him. But I could not meet in London due to rain. ‘

Mashrafe had to face the recent criticism for not being able to bowl very well. Roberts feels that he can not criticize what he has done for Bangladesh’s cricket. ‘No, it’s not right! Maybe the supporters are criticizing only when they are not getting what they want. His career is very long. She is one of the best cricketers of Bangladesh. One of the best cricket brains in Bangladesh.

Mashrafei said, ‘Good luck. I will always wish for him. “Tiger Captain will retire after the World Cup. In this context, his guru said, “It should be planned to continue playing in the World Cup without thinking about it. I think he can think of retirement after the World Cup. “