Lionel Messi’s most famous fan, Shakib Al Hasan

Lionel Messi and Sakib
Shakib Al Hasan and Lionel Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi’s most famous fan, Shakib Al Hasan, is a genius Cristiano Ronaldo Generator. Something takes for him to get to the sky.

However, due to rain, the practice was canceled due to the practice of Kal party. Yet Shakib did not want to stay in the house. Saberibar was going somewhere. Alaino’s father’s name Because of this girl Shakib’s wife Shishir had to choose the life of a living. Hotel is home. There is no chance to invite journalists!

Recently the warmth surrounding Shakib, his main point of view. Shakib’s ‘no lie’ and ‘Dewatless’ Facebook Post, as a tribute to the wife Shishir. There is no practice to do that; World Cup team official film Everyone is there, the team has no life. How the picture gets full!

The question of asking Shakib for social media is the question about joining the late World Cup team from the IPL. The rest of the people will agree to accept, the team will give a little bit of the question about the claim. All of the rest of the preparation match was an unconscious mind. But Shabbir has blasted himself in the batting-fielding field.

Shakib is the most exciting batsman in his debut match in the series. Deep took an amazing catch. The word ‘counter-answer’ in the tip of the journalist’s finger could be pronounced. But in the past it has been seen, the debate is that the shakibahake shakibah momentarily stopping the magic.

Regarding regular debates with Shakib, his debate is about how much, how much is left. But his nandako will agree on this, he will play well in the face of severe criticism. Lionel Messi is a great fan of Shiki at the time Cristiano Ronaldo Take something for him, fly for him.

When the question is asked about Shakib’s untoward incident outside the field, Shakib quits, “I have no problem with him or again, I do not know!” Then how did his psychology become consistent after opening.

Shakib concentrates on the results of his work, there is no grading behind it. Do not get excited or give good innings or wickets; On the other hand, it has got itself ready!

And that is why he got interested in watching the seriousness of past in the preparation match from the permanent press club of Heels Cricket Club ground. After that, Darren Bravo’s wicket with just 33 runs in 10 overs. Unbeaten 61 with the bat in hand. About 6 over the dot gave the ball. After losing the clay at the end of the West Indies, the main role played by the pacemen of Bangladesh, but the backbone foundation created two spinners. The way that the cutter’s catch was taken from Mostafiz is seen from the opposite side of the press box, it is still visible.

Shikib, the opponent can claim that I do not play well if I do not have a debate? It’s not But this is claiming, ‘I would say that whether or not to play with it. In fact, the national team is playing six months later, because of a long break, there is a little romance, a little nervous. I tried to start that well. I have been able to contribute to bat-in-fielding. It’s certainly worth it. Keep trying to be confident now. ‘

Shakib is happy if he can not do his job properly, if he is satisfied with measuring it at the end of the day. Nike does not worry about stabilizers or nanduk’s nausea, ‘I do not think so much about them. My responsibility is to contribute team, try the best for the team. Always keep that in mind. ‘

But at the end of the day he is also a man. Many people have a blood pressure while fighting with one. And in this era of social media, someone sitting on the saucer can be cheated or given the knowledge that the technology has been discovered, so its work is even more difficult. How to handle this pressure? The real answer comes to Shakib. He knows, if you can fix your work, all the Dublin Summer is cool!

But there are many debates, which think there is no problem in understanding. Does Shakib understand most of the time? In reply to Shakib pale smile smile But said that this pressure life, it is difficult, it is difficult. And he loved the hard way that the minister has grown as a cricketer.

Being the number one star of all the parts of Bangladesh, always being under the fire, always being a subject of personal life, all enjoying Shakib says, ‘I like it.’ I like it. I do not know what the reason is All right, such a situation may be the life of a cricketer, my childhood was my coach, taught to play; They just meant that. I heard them grow up. So do not think anything new. Since the beginning of the game, it has been compliant since then. ‘