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Bangla and Bangladesh is a news factory. Those who think there is no news in the country, they make mistakes. Every day new news is available. From the previous news to the next, there are more surprises.

When the casino-king Ismail Hussein was arrested in September last year, many were surprised that the casino-emperor was in the country of banned casinos. He is again the leader of the Jubo League. Then more casino-moguls were caught. But after a few days, it was discovered that there is not only a casino-emperor in Bangladesh but also a tender-emperor. A GK Shamim has taken away almost half the work of the Government’s Public Works Department.

আবারো ভাইরাল প্রভার ভিডিও।
সব সময় আলোচনা সমালোচনার মধ্যেই থাকতে পছন্দ করেন প্রভা। এটাই তার প্রমাণ। এবার তার যে ভিডিওটি ভাইরাল হয়েছে তার সাথে রয়েছেন অভিনেতা সজল। তবে সজলকে নিয়েও সর্বত্র চলছে আলোচনা আর সমালোচনার ঝড়। অনেকে বলছেন, এটা কোনো নাটকের দৃশ্য হতে পারে না এটা রীতিমত সফট নোংরা ভিডিং।

নিচের লিংকে ক্লিক করে ভিডিওটি দেখুন-

Because of this, the government’s ministers and leaders spoke of his Dharam-mahram. Later it was learned that he had great love not only with the Awami League government but also with the BNP government. The government changes, they do not change. At that time, the government tried to carry out purification operations. It was said that this time they will purify the Awami League, Jubo League, and Chhatra League.

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But five months later, another emperor emerged from the Dera ruling party. His story will surpass any thrilling story of the past. We have heard many incredible stories in Arab novels. There, the monsters, who were amazed at the extraordinary events of the king and queen, will be astonished at the story of Shamima Noor Papia, the new emperor of Bangladesh. Arabian novels are thousands of years ago. And the story of the emperor that came out in Bangladesh in February 2021, has nothing to do with the novel. Because we know the Arab mythology as a myth.

But the story of the emperor of Bangladesh is not a myth; Nerut is real. In some of his pictures published in magazines and social media, he can be seen sitting on a soft sofa with his hair raised. Once again, you are laughing with important people in a film. On Saturday, Papia (25), her husband Mofizur Rahman alias Suman Chowdhury alias Moti Suman (9), their associates Sabbir Khandaker (23) and Sheikh Tayyiba (22) were arrested from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. RAB claims they were fleeing.

So was any palace trying to cross him abroad? Otherwise, why would you have to go to the airport to catch the Empress who stayed for five months in a hotel?

After the arrest, Papia was expelled for life by the Awami League affiliate Youth Women’s League. It was as if they knew nothing about Papaya’s actions for so long. Suddenly their senses have returned. This has happened to the casino-emperor and others. Whenever a leader or member of a ruling organization is found guilty of misconduct, the organization expels him.

Rabia-1’s captain Shafiullah Bulbul said Papia had committed several offenses including fake money, illegally smuggling money, and possessing illegal weapons. RAB has alleged that Papia used to commit immoral acts with women at five-star hotels. Some videos of those actions were found. Despite the involvement of so many crimes, no case has been filed in the name of Papia. If she was not caught at the airport, the Young Women’s League would have given her a certificate of honest and honest work. When it was reported in newspapers, it would have been a conspiracy against the government.

Now let’s see what the leader of a district committee has done. Luxury Presidential Suite booked at a five-star hotel and Rab 1 foreign pistol, 2 pistol magazines, 20 pistol bullets, 5 bottles of foreign liquor, 1 lakh 3 thousand rupees, 3 passports, several checkbooks, some from a flat at Indira Road. The bank recovered 3 visas and ATM cards. According to the RAB, Papia and her husband owned two flats on Indira Road, two flats in Narsingdi and two plots worth Tk 2 crore, Tk 100 crore in a car showroom near FDC Gate in Tejgaon and an investment of Tk 1 lakh in Narsingdi district.

They were arrested for being involved in various crimes including illegal arms and drug trade, extortion, immoral activities, providing fake notes, tax evasion, money laundering. RAB says the couple stayed in some luxury rooms in five-star hotels for various periods from October 12 to February 6 this year. For this, they pay Tk 1 lakh 12 thousand. The couple could not provide a satisfactory answer regarding the source of the money.

Papia was made the convenor of the Narsingdi city Chhatra League on the 21st. She was made the general secretary of the District Youth Women’s League in the last 20 years. Mayor of Narsingdi Kamruzzaman told Kamrul Samal that local leaders and activists opposed when Papia was made a Jubo League leader. But the central leaders did not take it. Papa’s name was announced from Dhaka at the end of the council.

Regarding the arrest of Shamima Noor, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said, “Criminals will be punished according to the crime.” The government did not allow any criminals to cross, whether outside the party or outside. All the culprits have been brought to justice. Whatever Papi’s identity is, he will be judged as a criminal, and according to crime. ”But what he did not say is how the sinners were created. Who makes Who has taken advantage of them?

We saw ‘Lily-Majnu’ in our childhood. Later came, ‘Naya Lily Naya Majnu’. New emperors and new emperors have also emerged in the politics of Bangladesh. Unless you can purify the politics that make up emperors and emperors, such a philanthropic campaign will not work. An emperor or an emperor would be caught. Thousands of emperors and emperors will remain beyond arrest.

Colleague Farooq Wasif quotes poet Jivanand Das’s poem, “Where has he been for so long?” His statement needs to be modified a bit, where did he keep him for so long?

Bangla viral news all Mithila Video. Virat Kohli is not in the Twenty20 series against Bangladesh. The Indian captain is at rest. Today is a special occasion for Kohli in his retirement. Bangla Today, at the age of 5, he is the best batsman in the world.

Kohli receives birthday greetings from all corners of the globe. Authorities tweeted in the English Premier League. Sadio means Kohli has also been greeted by footballers like Ryan Giggs, Riyad Mahrez, and Bernardo Silva. But this time Kohli gave himself the best gift on his birthday!

Feni District Jail is being sent to Comilla and Chittagong Central Jail in the Nusrat murder case as there is no separate condom cell and hanging platform. The Inspector-General of Prisons (IG Prison) Brigadier General AKM Mostafa Kamal Pasha approved the matter. Source-The Daily Ittefak

Kohli tweeted this morning from his Verified account. She added two pictures of a letter to the tweet. Kohli wrote the letter himself. When he was a 5-year-old teenager, everyone used to call him ‘Chiku’ – the only letter Kohli wrote to him was his open letter. And the caption of the tweet states, “The 5-year-old explained to me my life and the lessons I learned from my life. I tried my best to write. Can read. ‘

How Bangla are you, Chiku? First of all, happy birthday. I know you have any questions about your future. Sorry that I can’t answer too many questions. Because the sweets are amazing because we don’t know, every challenge is exciting and every frustration is an opportunity to learn. You won’t understand this now. But how you spend it is more important than the goal in life. So far it’s been great.

Know that life is a great gift for you. But for this, you have to be prepared to exploit every opportunity. Take advantage of the opportunities, but do not try for the things you will find. Will fail Everyone is so. Just promise, it will be big. And if he does not try to start, try again.

Many will like and dislike you. Many of you do not know you. Don’t worry about them, just believe in yourself.

I know the state of your mind that my father did not give a shoe gift today. But this morning, it’s nothing to do with your gut and your height. Remember these. I know she’s hard at times. Because she wants to get the best out of you. You may think there are times when parents do not understand us. But remember – only families love unconditionally. Give them back their love Respect and be with them whenever you find the time. Tell dad you love him so much. Speak today, say tomorrow, say as much as possible.

Lastly, Bangla just claims your heart. Chase the dream Be kind and show the world how having a big dream can make a difference. Be like yourself.

The players certainly enjoy the extraordinary win against India, but there is no extra enthusiasm. In Habibul’s eyes, the significance of this victory to Bangladesh is quite different, ‘In the difficult situation of the last few days, without playing the key players of the team (Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal), losing to India on Indian soil – before we could not even meet with a full-strength team. Rather, a new team has come in to play. Some cricketers have come down to play their first, second, or fifth matches. The win against India with such a team is definitely worth it. ”

Has the fact that Habibul is talking about a difficult situation serves as an inspiration to victory? Bangladesh Cricket has been in a state of turmoil for the past few days. Cricketers strike, Shakib Al Hasan banned – Gumot surrounds Bangladesh. Were the players looking for a win as a way to get out of this difficult situation? At this press conference on the following night, Mushfiqur Rahim replied, “Do it every week or not!” To find inspiration for a good game, nobody really wants to read in such a difficult situation. Nor do you want Mushfiq, ‘no one wants such a situation. Not just in cricket, nobody wants that. The only way to get noticed from here was to have a good win, a good match, or a good fight. 3 billion people look at us. We are trying to give the highest. I should give my best in front. ‘

If Bangla that best could be given to Rajkot too, there would be another history — the first series win on Indian soil! Aminul Islam, the young leg-spinner of the team, is hoping that history may be in Rajkot, ‘Our goal is to capture the match. If we can play the next match well, we hope to win the series. ”

On reaching Delhi, Bangla had to think about air pollution. Mushfiqur also won this obstacle. However, there is another thought in Rajkot. Prabhupada says that the weather in Parasura may not be exactly cricket-friendly. The commentator, Harsha Vogl, tweeted, “There is a possibility of a cyclone hitting the west coast on November 4-7 before the match in Rajkot. The coastal fishermen of Saurashtra have been warned with alarm. Hopefully, it won’t hurt people too much. This year’s weather is more casual. ‘

There is a warning for the Indian team too. If you can rule in Rajkot, Musharraf will surely return to the memory of Mirpur on June 27!


Source: the daily Prothom Alo.