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The E-passport is a type of travel document, usually provided by the government of a country. Passport confirms the identity and nationality of the citizen while traveling abroad. Some of the main information of a passport is the carrier’s name, photo, date of birth and place, identification of the passenger. Citizens of any country have the right to get a passport. Machine Readable Passport has been launched in Bangladesh since the beginning of the year 2009. Since the signing of an e-passport deal with a German company in 2016, e-passport operations have begun. The e-passport program started in Bangladesh from January 22, 2020. Bangladesh Government Website Link for ePassport Form Application.

Where is the e-gate and how many?

A total of 50 e-gates will be set up at various land, boats and airports across the country to use e-passports. Of these, 26 e-gates will be set up at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, 8 at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong, 8 at Osmani International Airport in Sylhet, 4 at Benapole Land port, and 4 in Bangabandha land port. Initially, 9 e-gates are being opened at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka.

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What is an e-passport?

An e-passport, or electronic passport, is a biometric passport, in which an electronic chip has various biometric information identifying the passport holder’s identity. The e-passport will contain 41 biometric and biographical information of a single person. Of these data, 26 can be seen with open eyes. This passport has two special security measures which cannot be understood without special instruments, which will increase the acceptance of Bangladeshi passports all over the world.

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What an e-passport look like

The ePassport is the same as the current book passport. At the beginning of the passport page, there will be two pages with information about the person. The person’s information will be stored in a passport containing a polymer chip.

The ePassport will be of two types, five years and ten years. Page numbers will be of two types, 48 pages, and 64 pages. The application fee for e-passport will vary depending on the term.

Technically, What is e-Passport and none e-Passport?

E Passport has an identification mark, smart card technology like microprocessor chip and antenna. Each page of the e-passport contains all the watermarks of a very delicate design. The duration of this passport will be 5 and 10 years. At present, e-passports have been cleared of papers. If an applicant is below the age of 18 years, then Birth Certificate (BRC) should be submitted to get the passport and all applicants below the age of 18 will be given a 5-year e-passport only.

How to work e-passport?

All ePassport information will be stored centrally in the ‘Public Key Directory’ (PKD). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) operates this database. The ePassport scan automatically validates the person’s identity and other information. The immigration officer does not have to face this. Those who have ePassport in their hands can cross the border with automatic e-gate of every airline and land port in the country. However, for those who have MRP passports, immigration work will continue. When the carrier of the ePassport applies for a visa to the embassy of a country, the authorities will automatically verify the information stored in the PKD along with the applicant’s information. Interpol and all aircraft and land authorities in the world can enter the PKD database to verify the data.

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What are the benefits of e-passport?

  • It is almost impossible to steal or duplicate e-passport information.
  • Passing immigration with ePassport is relatively easy.
  • All the information, signatures, pictures, cornea and fingerprints of the eye are not protected because they cannot be forged.
  • While crossing the border, the identity of the passenger is confirmed quickly and accurately.
  • Detection is automatically detected when crossing the airport or border.
  • All aircraft and land port authorities in the world, including Interpol, can easily verify the information.
  • If you apply for a visa at the embassy, ​​the embassy will automatically verify the information and make a decision.

How much Fees the e-passport?

The ePassport will be 48 and 64 pages. The term will be 5 and 10 years. The fee for the general passport (to be given within 21 days) Tk 4025(48 Pages 5 Years). To get Express passport within 10 days, it will take Tk 6,325 and Super Express only Tk 8,625 for getting it in 2 days. The same number of pages has a 10-year general e-passport of Tk 5.750. Fees have been fixed at Tk. 8,050 for Express and Tk 10.350 for Super Express.

And, the 64-page 5-year e-passport will have to be generalized at Tk 6,325, Express at Tk 8,625 and Super Express at Tk 12,075.

The 64-page 10-year e-passport will have to be ordinary Tk. 8,058, Express Tk. 10.350 and Super Express Tk 13.800 respectively.

BD e-passport Fee

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How Do I Get E-Passport

This new passport will be the same way as the conventional MRP passport. Those who have a machine-readable passport or MRP passport with a period of more than 6 months will not be given e-passport. Applicants will be given e-passports for expired or new. The e-passport application can be filed online or by downloading the PDF format. It does not require any pictures and does not require verification of papers. Passports can be made from Dhaka and regional passport offices as before. Biometric extra information will be taken along with other information for e-passport.

Initially, e-passports will be issued from Agargaon, Uttara and Jatrabari passport offices in Dhaka. Activities will be launched in phases throughout the country. Bangladeshis living abroad will also have the advantage of applying for e-passport through embassies and missions.

How To get E-Passport?  You can apply for the new ePassport in 5 easy steps. The steps are:

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Step-1: Check if the new ePassport is already available in your area-

The ePassport process will not be available across the country as soon as it is launched. Initially, it will be available only from Agargaon, Jatrabari and Uttara passport offices in Dhaka. However, the e-passport will be available from the Passport Office and Embassy of the country from all over the country. Please visit this link to find information for your district and police station: https://epassport.gov.bd/landing

Step-2: How to Complete E-Passport Application Form Online?

If you have ePassport enabled in your area then you can apply for e-passport. There are two processes to apply. You can complete the application process online. Payment can be made through an online gateway. In that case, select the Online Payment option. You can also download a PDF form of the application form and fill it with your computer. Print the completed form and contact the passport office or embassy along with the national identity card, old passport in case of re-issue, receipt of fee deposit and other documentary proof.

N, B: One thing to keep in mind here is that the handwritten form will not be accepted.

Step-3: How do I pay e-passport fees?

You will need to pay a certain rate to obtain a passport. If you complete the application form online, the fee can be paid through the online payment gateway. Online payment can be made through Sonali Bank’s payment gateway, and so far the online payment system has added Bkash, DBBL Nexus for Visa, MasterCard, Q-Cash and Mobile Banking for credit or debit cards. Keep in mind that online payment will only apply to applications from Bangladesh.

In addition to online payment, ePassport fees can be submitted directly to Sonali Bank, One Bank, Premier Bank, Trust Bank, Dhaka Bank, and Bank Asia. When paying the bank fee, the passport application form must be present.

Step-4: How to pictures and biometric enrolment for e-passport?

After the application forms and fees have been paid, each applicant should go to the nearest passport office according to the physical address to take pictures, fingerprints, and pictures of the eye iris. When traveling to the passport office, you must bring along the necessary documents. If you apply online, print copy of application form, payment slip for offline, national identity card/birth certificate, old passport in case of re-issue, as well as any documents that you would find helpful.

-In the case of enrollment at the Passport Office, the following issues are verified:

  • Verification of papers and personal information.
  • Taking photos of applicants, fingerprints and eye Irish pictures.
  • Has the passport fee been paid properly?

N.B: Collect the receipt slip provided after enrollment. A delivery slip/receipt display is mandatory when accepting a passport.

Step-5: How to Collect your e-Passport at the passport office?

The applicant must collect the passport at the office. At the time of collecting the passport, the applicant’s fingerprint will be checked whether the enrollment fingerprint matches. At the time of collecting the passport, you should bring along the following proofs:

  • Delivery Slip / Receipt: Slip payable upon completion of enrollment
  • Last old passport (if any). In some cases, a passport may be issued to the appropriate carrier.
  • Parents / legal guardians of children under the age of 11 (eleven) will be able to collect the passport on the basis of their National Identity Card, the requested passport delivery slip/receipt and the previous passport (if any).
  • In the case of a sick person, the transfer of power, the applicant’s national identity card, old passport (if any) and national identity card of the authorized person, old passport (if any) will be issued on verification.

e-Passport application form Bangladesh

The ePassport will be started at Agargaon, Uttara and Jatrabari passport offices in the capital. The passport service will be rolled out across the country by 2020. About 25 thousand e-passports will be issued every day.


E-Passport Application

Fill out the online application form and submit it for a new passport. In that case, the bank will have to deposit the money online and use the referral number code provided by the bank in the online application form. If anyone wants, you can also submit passport fees with debit and credit cards. After submitting the required information, the print copy should be taken. The copy must be submitted to the passport office on its own body. If you do not have to file and verify the application form, then police verification will be required.

BD E-Passport Form PDF

PDF forms can also be filled in by hand without filling online. You do not have to verify the photo when filling the form. However, in the case of the elderly, it has been made compulsory to submit national identity cards and birth certificates in the case of minors.

The passport office will collect demographic information, 3 fingerprints, eye cornea pictures and digital signatures for ePassport while submitting the application form. All these data will be verified and stored on the Central Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center server. Besides, the passport will be distributed at the regional passport offices and embassies after the printing of a passport at the Personalization Center for the passport applicants. All information will be connected to the chip. The immigration policy will come out with all the information to grab the passport page in front of the special machine.

What about the old passports of Bangladesh?

With the launch of e-passport, the existing MRP passport will not be canceled. However, if someone’s passport expires, he will have to take e-passport instead of MRP. The information currently in the MRP database will be transferred to the e-passport. If you want to get a new passport after ePassport is launched, then you have to take an e-passport instead of MRP. The information contained in the MRP database will be transferred to the e-passport.


However, in case of re-issue of an old or expired passport, an urgent passport will be available in two days, an emergency passport within three days and a normal passport within seven days.
It should be noted that the amount of money mentioned in the picture is without VAT and the amount quoted above is VAT.



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