Captain Akbar Ali


‘Is he Akbar?’ Another time the boy’s face came out to pay attention to the number three field in the BKSP, “It seemed taller on TV.” Not only Akbar but also the youngsters who had won the Under-5 World Cup were seen in the cricketer who came to watch the match.

A two-day preparatory match between BCB XI and Zimbabwe is underway. There Akbar Ali, Shariful Islam, Mahmudul Hasan, Shahadat Hossain, Parvez Hossain are playing for BCB XI. Tanzi Hasan is the 12th person. Among them, Akbar, Mahmudul and Parvez were students of BKSP. After winning the Under-5 World Cup, Akbarra returned to that ever-present nest. Captain Akbar Ali.

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Bangladesh went to the World Cup with dreams of playing in the last four. From there they returned to number eight. Bangladesh has won three in this World Cup. Interestingly, Bangladesh is trapped in these three victories in the World Cup. Bangladesh finished the tournament with four wins in four drawn World Cups. How much did Bangladesh move in that year?

President Nazmul Hasan, however, does not agree that Bangladesh has failed in this World Cup. The BCB president who organized a press conference at his office in Dhanmondi today, repeatedly said, “Bangladesh is successful in the World Cup”! Not saying it or ‘It’s unfair to the boys (cricketers)!’ Listen to the logic of all the reasons why Bangladesh is successful in the World Cup –

1. ‘With Sri Lanka (Bristol) we could lose. Not saying that we would win if we played. If it had not rained, everyone in the country would have believed that we would win. I also believe that we would win. If we win, we stay in the shadows. ‘

2. “The second match is also our winning match (against New Zealand at the Oval).”

3. ‘Luck is a big deal. Another thing to remember is that I lost the toss in eight matches. Here is a matter of luck, how many bowlers used to bowl at 5 (kilometer) an hour at the World Cup? It is a big deal now that our batsmen have scored 5 runs against that 5 (kilometer) pace ball. What is matched with what, the picture is completely different now? Looking at Shakib’s personal performance, I think he is the best player in this World Cup. Got another though. Has there ever been such a thing before? Whose name is the best player in Bangladesh? ‘Captain Akbar BD.

৪. ‘We have done well with South Africa, the forehead is bad with New Zealand. Like Mushfiq, the wicketkeeper’s hand falls in the leg? If not we would not have won that match? Everyone thinks they win. Mushfiq’s run out is also unlucky. If he hadn’t run out, there would have been some more runs. If that happens we are in a better position. ‘

৫. ‘Great win with West Indies. Well played, winning on foreign soil is not easy. We have won, done very well. ‘

৬. ‘I won with Afghanistan too. The hope was that Zainab, Afghanistan was not a bad team. Everyone who plays the World Cup is good. ‘

৭. “(At Trent Bridge) I have scored 5 runs (5 wickets) with Australia, so to chase so many runs, it would have to be all-out for 5-1. This is a very big achievement.

৮. “(Birmingham) didn’t come with India, which one did I play bad? Think with India, if that catch would not have been missed, Tamim would have been caught – all would have changed! One of our catches is coming to an end while the team is playing well. I did 28 with India, they were not afraid of Bumrah-Bhubaneswar, they are playing well. You saw the bad, our team did not play bad. Ask those who understand the game. I just didn’t like the performance of Pakistan. There were many reasons for this. The selection of the team was not right. I was not emotionally upset. I can’t make it to the semifinals, so it seems like a meaningless match to them! We could not win all the matches. But it played well. ‘

New Zealand can claim after hearing so many ‘if-but’ BCB presidencies, then we are the champions! If Guptill had not scored six runs in that over-throw in the Lord’s final, the umpires would have decided to listen a bit more! If you were to catch a bolt, the legs of the bolt would not have reached the boundary …! ‘Captain Akbar Ali In BCB.
Outgoing coach Steve Rhodes of Bangladesh team can now claim, “I am the most unlucky coach in the world, the board has sent me goodbye even after the team is successful in the World Cup!”


Reference: Prothom Alo.