BCS Model Viva

bcs model viva
BCS Model Viva

The BPSC has fixed the day for the 38th BCS Viva examination. The examinations will start on July 29. There have been consistent suggestions on the preparation of this test.

The PSC released the results of the written examination of the 38th BCS on 1th July. It passed 9,862 people. 14,546 candidates took the written exam. The candidates who passed the exam will now take the oral test.

It was supposed to appoint 2,024 cadre officers in public administration through the 38th BCS. However, now there will be more than 136 BCS recruits. The total number of posts in this BCS is 2116 thousand.

The 38th BCS Written Examination ends on 13th August last year. The first 38th BCS Preliminary Examination was held on 29th December 2017. The results were released about two months after the test. In this 3,89,468 candidates applied.

bcs model viva
BCS Viva MOdel. Writer: Administration Cadre (2nd place), 34th BCS
Reference: The Daily ProthomAlo

Career fix! That means deciding how he will spend his life or go to a profession. Because there is no opportunity to spend the day sitting down. However, we can see different occupations. Such as politics, business, employment, moving abroad, journalism, teaching etc. People usually get the chance to choose a career. But not everyone will go to the same profession or choose not to.

For example, business is a favorite of many. Someone will say again, there is a lot of risk in the business. What this proves is that not all professions are good for all people. This is normal Now, those who want to work are again divided into two. Some want a government job; Someone wants a private job. Again, there are two parts of those who want public service. Someone wants to go to the cadre service; Someone in a non-cadre service. We must accept these variations.

There is a saying in English, “A good plan is half-done.” That is, a good plan can go halfway towards achieving it. That’s right. And the same applies to career planning. If you are not able to plan your career in the right way at the time, you will be deprived of many things. Now is the era of science and technology. Information can be retrieved very easily on any topic.

So knowing everything you need to know what to do! One thing is very important here, do not change decisions too quickly. As you decide today you will do the job. But two months later, he said, do business. It will be a waste of your time and talent. If you do not think in time, you may suffer major damage. Tell me a fact. One of my familiar cadres joined the service when I was about 4 years old. Because he wasn’t aware. But one of his juniors at the university joined the same profession before him.

As is customary, the junior has to say his sir, which is embarrassing at times. There is another issue here as well. According to the rules, if you have to retire for 5 or 5 years, If you join a job late, you will have the opportunity to work less time. So decide what you want to do in time.

Source: The Daily Prothom Alo.