Required Documents for BCS Viva and How to Dress for BCS Viva

dress and docummentsfor bcs viva
dress and docummentsfor bcs viva

Most popular profession BCS Cader in Bangladesh. For this reason, stay different thinking to all with BCS cadre. All are Questions that Required Documents for BCS Viva? How to Dress for BCS Viva?

In many professions, many dreams of becoming a BCS cadre. It is important to note that the issues I discuss now are mainly for cadre candidates. Because not everyone wants or needs to be a cadre or has no opportunity. What I was saying One of the most respected professions in Bangladesh is the Bangladesh Civil Service. At present, there are a total of 20 cadres, including General and Technical or Professional cadre.

General cadres are open to everyone. Anyone can come. However, in the case of technical and professional cadre, there is a need to study certain subjects. One thing needs to be said, decide what you like about Cadre Choice. Because you do the job. Your choice has a price too. However, there is a growing demand for educated people on the regular cadre service.

BCS viva date has been announced. The viva will take the documents that you carry along with you in a clear bag. The following papers should be taken-

What are the Required Documents for BCS Viva?

Required Documents for  BCS viva
Required Documents for BCS viva
Source: The Daily Prothom Alo

No need to worry about how much to set, what paper to put on a set. The staff at the board where you give the sibling will tell you how to fold. But of course, you will need to carry an additional 3 sets of photocopies of all the papers. And all verified photocopies must be registered with their pen in their hand. Talk to yourself until you get on the sibling board then your face will be cut off.

One of the most important parts of the job is viva. The siblings are tested on their abilities, discretion, present intellect, ability to make decisions and the ability to represent themselves. But it is up to you how you show yourself in such a short time.

On the other hand, along with educational qualifications, important things like conduct, cleanliness, thinking, clothing, and character. This is how we should dress up in brotherly clothing.

How to Dress up for BCS Viva

How to Dress up BCS Viva
How to Dress up for BCS Viva
Source: The Daily Prothom Alo

Before giving the BCS Viva, everyone will usually get advice from the cadres who have given the cadre or 2/3 times in the previous year. In my opinion, there is no need to duplicate them exactly. You matured yourself enough. So you have to decide what to wear or what not to wear. There is no guarantee that you will not get a good cadre as soon as you fall, as you will not get a good cadre.

The Viva Board is no place for fear. You have the opportunity to go there because you are eligible. No one could please you. And being a cadre I would say a lot depends on your destiny and your writing and sibling performance.

So, besides reading, you need to take some extra care of yourself. There are words, before the visitor, then the murderer. This philosophical means but Aishwarya Rai type is not to be beautiful, but to show how your interest and personality have evolved in your dress, your conduct and how you are presenting yourself in front of a judge.

Reference: The Daily Prothom Alo