Freelancer Virtual ID Card Registration in Bangladesh


Virtual ID Card Portal Launched to Recognize the Work of Bangladeshi Freelancers. Freelancers can get their own virtual card from the portal through a registration.

What is a Virtual ID Card Portal?

Virtual ID Card is a Portal for Bangladeshi Freelancer Identity issued by the Government of Bangladesh. A special card called ‘Freelancer ID Card‘ has been launched to provide various benefits to Bangladeshi freelancers through this portal.

How to Registration for Virtual Freelancer ID Card in Bangladesh?

You need to apply for a Freelancer ID card BD by entering the Virtual ID Card portal web site. Get Your Freelancer ID Card,  Apply Now on this website.

How Freelancers ID Card Works?

What are the Benefits of Freelancers ID Card?

What kind of documents are required for a freelancer ID card?

The application process for a freelancer ID card, Required Documents, Question & Answer, and application fee for Virtual freelancer ID card.

Freelancers ID Works

How many days is the validity of a freelancer ID card? ফ্রিল্যান্সার আইডি কার্ডের মেয়াদ কত দিন?

The validity of a freelancer ID card will be 12 months. Again, the applicant will be able to update the card information within these 12 months.

Online Freelancer Freelancer ID Card 2020 in BD

Virtual ID Card 2020 to get in website. Freelancer Free ID Card 2020 in Bangladesh.

How to Apply for Freelancer Freelancer ID Card of Bangladesh

Freelancers earn a good income but do not get the benefits of marriage problems, bank loans. The government wants to introduce a special card called ‘Free ID’ to give various benefits to freelancers. ‘Free ID’ means, Freelancer ID will be a type of card in the form of National ID so that freelancers will have different information. Freelancer ID Card Process System in Bangladesh.