E Porcha Online Khatian in Bangladesh


E Porcha means Electronic Porcha in BD. Various land-related documents can be collected online through CS, SA, SB, BR’s duplicates, pamphlets, ledgers, or attested copies through e-porcha.

The Ministry of Lands is preparing a database on the official website for any landowner to verify the ownership of the land at home or to check whether the online ledger/pamphlet is correct at home or to verify the actual ownership of the land online before buying the land. In the meantime, other ledgers, including RS ledgers in most of the 64 districts of Bangladesh, are now being easily accessed from the land ministry’s website http://eporcha.gov.bd/.

The Government of Bangladesh is attaching special importance to bring more modernization in this work in order to build digital. In the future, it is very easy to check land ownership, land ledger, and eporcha online at home without going to the zonal settlement office. As a result, the chances of falling into the trap of fraud after buying land will be greatly reduced.

What is E Porcha in Bangladesh

Khatian that porcha so prana khatian and eporcha matters. Genesis calls it more. Details of one or more land earthquakes in the state-surveyed land-zamindar Meluza Sutra keep the records of the party in which the incident took place. The speech of the law is left blank because the incense involved during the khatian-survey period is not published in the final form of Bangladesh Form-No-5462 (attachment) as well as the description of the number/spot. Land name, leaf name, address, son’s description, Munir’s description, Moulza division, muffler’s short number (Jelal number), boundary, Jiri’s student, broker’s name, part, etc. in most or all cases of original junior nature It can be given in the state ledger number of Bangladesh.

How to Apply for e Porcha online in BD

How to easily check land ownership, land ledger, or pamphlet online from home through computer or smartphone in hand?

eporcha bd

What you need to do to view or get the E-Porcha online-

You can usually get a ground register in three ways-

  1. Apply yourself through the website
  2. Apply from Union Information Service Center or District E-Service Center or
  3. You can get a copy of your land certificate book from the digital record room of the house.

In the present age of computers and the internet, the new generation of boys and girls have enough knowledge about information technology but they do not have minimum knowledge about land acquisition. As a result, it is seen that after the death of many fathers, they cannot find the correct account of their ancestral lands. Or when buying new land with the help of various brokers, they are deceived and face losses. But if he had a minimum knowledge about land-deposit, he could do the full calculation of other lands including the calculation of ancestral land.

Land ownership can be easily verified online and land ledgers/eporcha can be retrieved online. That is why other issues of land will not be discussed here. However, if you do not have some basic idea about land documents, you will have to face some problems to verify the ownership of the land online or to get the land ledger/eporcha. So before verifying land ownership online, some basic issues of land are discussed here. However, if you have experience in land and clothes, you can go straight to the bottom of the post without reading the details. www eporcha gov bd Khatioan Download.

How to Check Online e-porcha in Bangladesh

To get any eporcha like- (CS, SA, RS) through the website you have to visit the website of the Ministry of Land https://land.gov.bd/ or directly enter this address http://eporcha.gov.bd/ You can view the ledger online by applying for ledger or by clicking the ledger search button.

How many types of Porcha or Khatiyan?

There are usually four types of khatians in our country. E.g.

            1. বিএস খতিয়ান/সিটি জরিপ, (City Survey), BS Khatiac Check online BD
            2. সিএস খতিয়ান, (Cadastral Survey), CS Khatiac Check online BD
            3. আরএস খতিয়ান (Revisional Survey), RS Khatiac Check online BD
            4. .এসএ খতিয়ান, (State Acquisition Survey), SA Khatiac Check online BD
            5. বিআরএস খতিয়ান, BRS Khatiac Check online BD
            6. পেটি খতিয়ান, Peti Khatiac Check online BD
            7. দিয়ারা খতিয়ান। Diara Khatiac Check online BD