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ue to the government decision, the normal educational activities of Udvas-Unmesh have to be stopped at a certain time of the year on the occasion of JSC, SSC, HSC board examinations, and medical admission examinations. That’s why we were preparing to ensure the continuity of online student preparation during off-hours.

Udvash Unmesh Online Exam 2020

Where there will be full educational services for students including live exams, practice exams, live classes, video classes. The epidemic did not speed up our preparations. Alhamdulillah, at this stage we are going to start our online service with the live exams and practice exams for students.

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Very soon we will bring other services including live classes online InshaAllah. Hopefully, like Udvash-Unmesh’s offline education service, this online education service will also be very effective and unrivaled for you InshaAllah.

Unmesh Online Exam 2020

In Unmesh Coaching center all educational activities including live tests, practice tests, live classes, video classes and online Exam are going on for the students.

Udvash Online Exam 2020

Udvash Coaching center all educational activities including live tests, practice tests, live classes, video classes, and udvash online Exam are going on for the students.

Udvash Unmesh Coaching center in Bangladesh

Due to the closure of the college during these difficult times, your studies have been severely hampered. As a result, just as you cannot take continuous preparation, you cannot test yourself with tests. Listen, I’m telling you, there’s nothing to panic about. The Udbhas family is always ready to stand by your side in this crisis. And so, in order to ensure your balanced preparation even in the face of adversity in difficult times, I came up with the idea of ​​‘Eleventh Class Online Academic Program-2020’. Where the complete syllabus of class XI of these 4 subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, and Biology will be taught in 4 sections.

For the convenience of the students, this online program has separate batches of Bengali and English versions, Live Class 5 days a week through Zoom App, Daily Live Exam on the previous day class, Weekly Live Exam every Saturday, Episode Evaluation Live Exam and all other unique services. And yes, there is a chance to be admitted separately in each episode!

Udvash Coaching center in Bangladesh

“Continuous path in the belief of change …” This slogan has been carried in the chest since 2000. From the very beginning, the Udvashfamily has sincerely believed that the main goal of education is to develop the latent talents of the students, to sharpen their thinking power, and to develop them as confident, patient, and responsible people. The Udvash family finds the joy of the state is seeing a student as a dreamy person, not an inanimate object. Udvash has been carrying this dreamy dream on his chest for the last 19 years. Moving forward in the hope of change .. Moving forward with the dream of a different Bangladesh.

Unmesh Coaching center in Bangladesh

The emergence of Unmesh as a helpful friend is to transform the dream of becoming a doctor that the students cherish in themselves from childhood to turn it into a dream or to color the colorful life of their white apron. In fact, the smoother the path to the dreamland, the smoother the path to reality. Yet some are successful. Successful are those who can make the right decision, who will have their own efforts, and on whom will be the grace of the Creator and the blessings of the Creator.

UNMESH Medical & Dental Admission Care

Yes, success is a combination of these. And in this combination, the students have been playing a supportive role since its inception.
In order to enable each student to reach their desired goal, they combine the medical useful information of the original book of different authors in the market and present it in an interesting and tactical way (e.g. rhythm, table, comparative difference, numerical information together, discovery scientist together, etc.). Created “Unmesh Medics”. Also included is the “Unmesh Practice Book” with adequate MCQ information, Preparation Book of Varsity Math, Medical Question Bank of Past Admission Test, Varsity Question Bank of Past Admission Test, and “Unmesh Extra Info” containing additional information of various important books. Exam-based merit scholarships and higher education scholarships are aimed at creating a competitive environment and encouraging students. A combination of skilled and experienced teachers has been put in place so that the students can acquire accurate knowledge in each subject.

Above all, the responsibility of awakening a student so that he feels an inner urge to see the smoothness of the way of life, the smoothness outside of a little fatigue, always takes and holds the responsibility of awakening with immense satisfaction.

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