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Some people have a detrimental way to roll a rick “Rick Roll” is a classic technique that makes the link rounds. Kekma is a new way to Rick Roll.

What is what is it? is a bait and switch shock site first hosted on the 23rd of April, 2019. The website cloned the right-wing Reddit, especially Donald and Vote. The website displays an 18+ age alert and a link to the messy server after opening.

Clicking the Discord link on the Discord server and clicking 18+ Alerts sets your web browser to full screen, causing the ultimate distortion with the world’s most intense orgasm and playing a video of someone sitting in a pool of half-clotted blood under it causing the urethra. Emphasize the industrial screw. Prior to March 13, 2020, the video contained a medical recording of a pork tapeworm cyst being squeezed out of a human liver.

We can all agree that sometimes trolling people is fun. Not in a bad way, in a friendless innocent way – and the internet is really built on that idea. One of the most popular ways to troll someone harmlessly on the internet is “rickrolling” something that prank has been around for a long time, but there’s a new one in town, and if you’re asking what is, it’s not as free as Rick Roll.

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What is kekma ga meaning in English?

There’s really nothing to notice, just a bunch of .swf scammers that used a flash error to make loud niggles sound like hell. When Flash was disabled by default, I created an HTML5 site called BigMage (pretending to be like Imgur). It received 2 wild visits per month.

It was just a fat, middle-aged crossdresser holding his penis in a plastic bottle while Darkest played Dungeon’s ear-lined line (“thirst for blood scattered in ancient traps”) loop. Chrome built it in such a way that auto-play elements are not driven without user interaction, and Firefox follows soon.

It was very frustrating. This sounds silly, but it seemed to me that the Internet, influenced by the secure and sterile modern social media, had finally spread to browsers, which is now making kids too bad at installing script blockers. I wanted to create a simple site that would survive, not relying on scripts or files that would be easily blocked.

What is Kekma Ga Video

Presenting it as a completely majestic script and video, its user initiation is not something that can be really limited. This is how was born. It doesn’t have the fullscreen trap, the detached sex swastika cursor, or the dialog box to initially shut down the site, these were added late last year.

The name was suggested by a friend that “” might not draw anyone, but it might bring some people from some politically-based community related to “Maga” who was probably very new to see the heyday of shock sites on the internet.

What is kekma ga meaning in Bangla? কেকমা গা কি? 

কেকমা গা ভিডিও গুলি completely “Not Safe for Life” and Not Safe for Work. The link has been used in online attacks on several Discord servers and sub-channels across Reddit. In attack, people click on the link and take them to the site which is offensive and offensive. “The site contains the rape of a screaming person’s upper ear, as well as a quick flashing NSFL image with an NSFL video.

কেকমা.গা একটি টোপ এবং সুইচ শক সাইটটি 23 শে এপ্রিল, 2019 এ প্রথম হোস্ট করা হয়েছিল যা NSFL content প্রদর্শন করে। ওয়েবসাইটটি ডানপন্থী রেডডিট, ডোনাল্ড এবং ভোট ক্লোন করেছে। ওয়েবসাইটটি 18 এর বেশি বয়সিদের ঢোকার অনুমতি দেয়। সাইটি খোলার পরে বয়সের সতর্কতা এবং ভয়ংকর সার্ভারের একটি লিঙ্ক প্রদর্শন করে। এই লিংকে ক্লিক করলে রক্ত মাখা একটি ভিডিও ভেসে উঠে। যা অতি ভয়ংকর এবং কুরূচী পণ্য।

So, this site is not safe for Bangladeshi internet visitors.  Please do not search at Google out of curiosity from Bangladesh. And, Do not type kekma ga on google search from Bangladesh.

What is the Reaction of kakma ga

He created the first post about the website, a YouTuber named Crocnic, who commented on the link in a YouTube video. Another post created by Sinfulprins R / Teens calling the website cool and free calling

A flag reminiscent of the Kekistani and Nazi war flags was also made at this time and became the de-facto flag of the website; In the middle of this flag was the Big Chungas, a cheap one in the corner.

Subsequent posts came in the form of a brigade by Theromanian atheists, and the user’s first post was made in R / Adulting entitled “The Hottest Reddit Alternative”; This user has just posted the link to this shocking site more than once.

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