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Technical Education
Technical Education Bangladesh

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) is a government agency that works on technical and vocational education in the country’s human resources development (HRD). Technical Education Website

The Department of Technical Education (DTE) was established in 1960 with five technical education institutions. Currently, the number has reached 128. Besides Government, there are 1100 Private SSCs (VOC), 500 HSC Business Management (BM) Colleges, 35 Basic Trade Link and 300 Personal Skill Development Training Aid nationwide. About six thousand officers, teachers, and staff are working under this department.

The Directorate of Technical Education promotes the quality of technical education, the standard enhancement and the standard of technical education through coordination with government policy and industry and national level institutes and other departments of the government.

Number Of Institute, Number of Subjects, Number of Programme In Technical Education

Technical Education
Technical Education
Technical Education
Technical Education

The central office of the Technical Education Department is located at F-4 / B, Agargaon Administrative Area, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.

Technical Education Programs:

The Technical Educations Directorate conducts short and long term technical and vocational educations and training (TVET) across the country.

BSC Engineering program in the Technical Education Board.

Under the academic control of Dhaka University, the BSC Engineering degree program is conducted in two of the following institutes:

  • Technical Teachers Training College.
  • Bangladesh Leather Technology College (Bangladesh College of Leather Technology)

Technical Education Engineering Colleges

In addition, under the Academic Control of Government Universities, BSC Degrees are offered in various Technology in the following institutes:

  • Mymensingh Engineering College
  • Sylhet Engineering College
  • Faridpur Engineering College
  • Barisal Engineering College

Diploma-in-Engineering Program Subjects & Institutes

Diploma-in-engineering programs were conducted at 49 government polytechnic institutes under the 29 academic Technology of the Bangladesh Technical Educations Board.


  1. Civil Technology
  2. Mechanical Technology
  3. Electrical Technology
  4. Electronics Technology
  5. Computer Technology
  6. Electro-Medical Technology
  7. Environment Technology
  8. Mechatronics Technology
  9. Graphic Arts Technology
  10. Glass Technology
  11. Chemical Technology
  12. Food Technology
  13. Environmental Technology
  14. Instrumentation and process control
  15. Construction
  16. Telecommunication
  17. Power Technology
  18. Automobile Technology
  19. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  20. Surveying Technology
  21. Ceramic Technology
  22. Architecture and Interior Design Technology
  23. Civil (Wood) Technology
  24. Mining and Mine Survey Technology
  25. Garment Design and Pattern Making
  26. Computer Science and Technology
  27. Printing Technology
  28. Data Communication and Networking
  29. Graphic Design Technology

Technical Educations Vocational Programmes

The following institutions are working at the Certificate level (Basic Skill, NSS III, NSS II, and NSS I) to create skilled workers in the country:

  • The SSC (Vocational) and HSC (Vocational) programs are running in 31 trades at 64 government technical schools and colleges.
  • SSC (Vocational) program is under process in 22 trades at 100 Government Technical School.
  • There are SSC (vocational) programs running in various trades in about 1000 private schools.

Vocational Trades

  1. Agro-Based Food
  2. General Electronics
  3. Automotive
  4. Building Maintenance
  5. Wood Working
  6. Civil Construction
  7. Computer & Information Technology
  8. Civil Drafting with CAD
  9. Mechanical Drafting with CAD
  10. Dress Making
  11. Dyeing Printing and Finishing
  12. Electrical Maintenance Works
  13. Farm Machinery
  14. Fish Culture and Breeding
  15. Food Processing and Preservation
  16. General Mechanics
  17. Livestock Rearing and Farming
  18. Machine Tools Operation
  19. Poultry Rearing and Farming
  20. Patient Care Technique
  21. General Electrical Works
  22. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
  23. Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  24. Glass & Ceramics
  25. Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation
  26. Weaving
  27. Welding and Fabrication
  28. Architectural Drafting with Auto CAD
  29. Knitting
  30. Shrimp Culture and Breeding

Technical Educations HSC level, 600 Business Management (BM) colleges have the following five trades running:

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking
  3. Computer operation
  4. Commercial development
  5. Secretarial science
  • The basic trade school linkage program is being conducted in the Nine and tenth-class electives in 35 public / private schools.
  • There are 300 private training institutes operating the para trades.

Reference: Ministry of Education.