Rangpur Lockdown announcement


Rangpur Lockdown announcement Today. The administration has declared a lockdown of the entire Rangpur district to prevent coronavirus infection. From now on, entry and exit into the district are prohibited indefinitely.

Rangpur Lockdown



The Deputy Commissioner confirmed the lockdown on Friday (April 10) at 6:30 pm.

Comilla Lockdown News Today

As president of the District Corona Prevention Committee, he said Comilla has declared a lockdown according to the decision of the Coronavirus Infection Prevention District Committee. Unless further instructions are given, no one can come to Comilla from any other district on the national regional highways, waterways. No one can move to Comilla from any other district. All public transport and public meetings will be closed.

However, all emergency services and supplies will be excluded from the ban.

It is to be noted that so far three persons have been affected in coronavirus in two Upazilas of Comilla. They were all reported to have been infected from the capital. The lockdown was followed by multiple homes when it was confirmed. In addition, two people from the district died of coronavirus in Dhaka.

Khulna Lockdown News Today

Khulna DC Mohammad Helal Hossain said no vehicles can be accessed in Khulna district and no vehicles will be able to get out of Khulna district. Earlier, a public notice was issued which is essentially a ‘lockdown’.

Earlier, a public notice issued in the public interest declared the closure of all vehicles entering and exiting Khulna without the permission of the district administration.

Khulna District Magistrate Mohammad Helal Hossain issued the order.

In order to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus and to ensure greater social distance, public notice on shops, hats, markets, business establishments and transport operations in Khulna district and city corporation is the regular shops and markets daily except 8 pm to clinic, hospital, and drugstore. Open until 3 pm. The Rupsa supper, KCC supper and KCC wholesale gold market in Sonadanga will continue as per the previous decision.

However, medical-related, essential products and services such as foodstuffs, agricultural products, irrigation equipment, and fuel oil carriers will be outside the guidelines.

Besides, banks, financial institutions, accounting offices, and emergency services offices will be exempt from this directive.

Legal action will be taken against those who disobey the above directive.

Earlier on Monday (April 8th), Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) announced the departure and departure of people and vehicles from Khulna Metropolis to prevent the deadly Coronavirus infection.


Reference: Dhaka Tribune