Islamic Foundation Ramadan Schedule 2021

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Islamic foundation Bangladesh Published a Ramadan Schedule 2021 for a Holy month of Ramadan. Islamic foundation BD published Roja Calendar 2021 on their official website

Today Sehri Time in Bangladesh & Today Iftar Time in Bangladesh

Bangladesh RAMADAN CALENDAR 2021


1 04:21 AM 6:20 PM 13 April 2021
2 04:20 AM 6:20 PM 14 April 2021
3 04:19 AM 6:21 PM 15 April 2021
4 04:18 AM 6:21 PM 16 April 2021
5 04:17 AM 6:22 PM 17 April 2021
6 04:16 AM 6:22 PM 18 April 2021
7 04:15 AM 6:22 PM 19 April 2021
8 04:13 AM 6:23 PM 20 April 2021
9 04:12 AM 6:23 PM 21 April 2021
10 04:11 AM 6:24 PM 22 April 2021
11 04:10 AM 6:24 PM 23 April 2021
12 04:10 AM 6:25 PM 24 April 2021
13 04:09 AM 6:25 PM 25 April 2021
14 04:08 AM 6:25 PM 26 April 2021
15 04:07 AM 6:26 PM 27 April 2021
16 04:06 AM 6:26 PM 28 April 2021
17 04:05 AM 6:27 PM 29 April 2021
18 04:04 AM 6:27 PM 30 April 2021
19 04:03 AM 6:28 PM 01 May 2021
20 04:02 AM 6:28 PM 02 May 2021
21 04:01 AM 6:29 PM 03 May 2021
22 04:00 AM 6:29 PM 04 May 2021
23 03:59 AM 6:30 PM 05 May 2021
24 03:59 AM 6:30 PM 06 May 2021
25 03:58 AM 6:31 PM 07 May 2021
26 03:57 AM 6:31 PM 08 May 2021
27 03:56 AM 6:32 PM 09 May 2021
28 03:55 AM 6:32 PM 10 May 2021
29 03:55 AM 6:32 PM 11 May 2021
30 03:54 AM 6:33 PM 12 May 2021

Ramadan Mubarak 2021

Islam is based on five things. One of them is Ramadan fasting. The literary and cultural scene has also been created in Bangladesh by focusing on Ramadan and fasting.

Seeing the moon during Ramadan, eating Sehri at dawn, fasting after sunset, Taraba, Atikaf, Lilatul Kader, Sadakatul Fitr, Eidul Fitr, etc., have helped to cleanse the people of Bangladesh.

It is acknowledged that the basic lessons of the development and development of the Bangla language and the practice of literature in Bangla began under the patronage of the sultans of Bengal. Muslim poets have written, among other things, about the laws of Islam. Later on, a number of poems and prose were written about Ramadan and fasting, the pace of which is still going on every year.

Bangla Ramadan Permanent Calendar

Perpetual calendar of Ramadan Published Bangladesh Islamic Foundation. This Calendar Show Namaj, Schori, Iftar perpetual time. Roja Cirasthayi Calender BD. Ramadan Cirasthayi Calendar of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Ramadan Calendar 2021

Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Issued Ramadan calendar for all over the Country. But the time will adjustment dependent on the place. Such as Dhaka Ramadan Calendar 2020, Rangpur Ramadan Calendar 2020, Rajshahi Ramadan Calendar 2020, Khulna Ramadan Calendar 2020, Barisal Ramadan Calendar 2020, Chittagong Ramadan Calendar 2020, Bogura Ramadan Calendar 2020, Sylhet Ramadan Calendar 2020, Khulna Ramadan Calendar 2020. Mamunshing Ramadan Calendar 2020 Etc.

One of the Characteristics of Ramadan

Ramadan forgets all the differences. Make everyone kind and compassionate. Ramadan is the spring of Muslim worship. Ramadan makes the believer’s heart stir and move. Its eyebrows spread everywhere. Ramadan gives the fraternity a new dimension.

Ramadan is the month of taqwa achievement. Ramadan is the month of closeness to Allah. Regarding what should be done to earn the fast, Dr. Ayub Ali said: “To fulfill the purpose of Siam, the practitioner of Siam has to abstain from all limbs and reptiles and practice justice. It is also understood in the general sense that if further refrain from consuming halal products during the day is done by the unjust and illegally acquired foodstuffs, then committing more sins instead of a reward.

Ramadan is the most blessed month. This month, a great gathering of worshipers took place. Satan is chained this month, the gates of hell are closed this month, and the gates of heaven are opened. This month brings endless opportunities for forgiveness. We should not deprive ourselves of this opportunity. May Ramadan be Mubarak in all our lives.

Five Good Factor of Ramadan

The true teachings of love and the desire for welfare should be reflected in our hearts and lives through the month of Ramadan. In addition to worshiping during Ramadan, it is important to get some humanitarian education.

Realizing the suffering of the poor

Zoom is to keep yourself moderated from sunrise to sunset. One of the pursuits of fasting is the basic theme of fasting. Fasting awakens in us how hungry people spend 12 months of the year. People all over the world are busy with their happiness, their own prosperity. Capitalist society has made man a strange creature with self-reliance bi-directional.

Fasting teaches people to avoid starvation and to think about starving people. In the country of the world, the image of hungry, poverty-stricken people floats in front of the fast. Every day the human child can realize the hard life of the child. This realization teaches him to live happily with everyone.

But the question is, how much do we hold that significance? Eating at Petpur in Sahari and Iftar distances us far from the actual teachings of the fast. Excess food does not make it difficult for people to realize their suffering. In Iftar and Sahri our Prophet used to eat only a little as usual. But the faces of the people who are suffering from our over-eating are no longer floating in front of us.

During Ramadan, we have to think about the sufferings of the people around the world. We have to awaken their sympathy. You have to try to put a smile on the faces of the poor people in your neighborhood. We have to awaken their sympathy. Mahe Ramadan training should continue its practice throughout the year. Not only my happiness is happiness, but in the happiness of people I will find my true happiness; The significance of the fast is here.

To lighten the labor of the workers

During Ramadan, employees are instructed to ease the burden of suffering. It has been said to be kind to the workers. The rights of workers in Islam are outstanding. His labor hours, labor prices, social status, and rights are preserved in the most beautiful ways in Islam. In addition, during Ramadan, the workers were told to ease the suffering of the workers, saying that Allah forgives the person who reduces the workload of his slaves and employees this month. The opposite is seen in our country. Here, on the occasion of Eid, the amount of human labor is increased twice or three times. Hardworking people also forget to fast. State management, social customs have created such a situation. You have to get out of this situation slowly.

Feed people

The hadith states, “If the fasting person is rewarded, he will receive the same reward as the fast” (Musnad Ahmed, Hadith No. 17074). This is how the Prophet encouraged people to eat. Iftar will be in full swing. We have to create a mindset to feed people through fasting. Iftar bilat should be treated with equal love for the known and stranger. It is through this precious mentality to stand beside one that the practice of aboriginality must be created in their own lives. The remaining days of the year must also show proper tenderness towards creation. This is what Ramadan teaches.

Nice behavior

It is an act of good manners. The hadeeth says, “He who is best among you, whose conduct is good, whose character is beautiful”. During the month of Ramadan, the environment is created to increase the level of beautiful behavior towards people. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If anyone abuses you or quarrels with you, then you say that I am a fasting person” (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith No. 1894). That means you don’t talk bitterly like him. Do not present yourself as a fanatic. Tell me I’m fast. In exchange for an unwanted behavior, you display the desired behavior.

Cooperation for cooperation

Ramadan is a month of cooperation. This cooperation is not limited to any country, nor any ideas or philosophies. Ramadan teaches us the support of every creator of creation with the help of support. There are many benefits of worship in Ramadan. In addition to graceful worship, we have highlighted some of the human aspects. These are also worshiped. By attaining these human qualities, all worship will be fulfilled. In order to possess the true teachings and significance of the fast, one must arrange one’s life in the light of these qualities. Humanity, philanthropy, kindness, generosity are the true teachings of fasting for the welfare of others. In light of these teachings, every human being should be dedicated to creating an enlightened state and beautiful earth by decorating one’s life.

Reference: Wikipedia and Islamic Foundation Bangladesh.