Department of Agricultural Extension Job Circular 2019

krishi somprosaron odhidoptor job circular 2019
department of agricultural extension job circular 2019

Department of Agricultural Extension Job Circular 2019 total posts 1357. publish jobs for Bangladesh citizens. Dae offer 14 Catagories jobs. Now you can apply for the jobs with website.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) Job Circular 2019 bellow-

Krishi Somprosaron odhidoptor jobs 2019
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Krishi Somprosaron Odhidoptor Jobs 2019

The scope of modern agricultural expansion in Bangladesh is like half a century, but it has a phenomenal history of over a hundred years. The Dwarka Commission recommends the establishment of the first agricultural division to address the severe famine of 12-7. As a result, the agriculture department was born as part of the revenue division in the 5th. Later in the year, an independent agriculture department was established. At the same time, the farm was established in Manipur (now the area of ​​the present Parliament House) in Dhaka. Which covers an area of ​​5 acres.

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The farm is affiliated with the Department of Agriculture. A laboratory was set up for agricultural research on the farm on the 5th. In each district of the district, one agricultural extension officer was appointed. None of them had a knowledgeable officer in agricultural science. Subsequently, the graduates of the first Bangladesh Agricultural College passed in the 5th joined the agriculture department and from that time onwards the work of agricultural extension began.

Krishi Somprosaron Odhidoptor BD Jobs

Agricultural and industrial development (VAID) project was started in the then East Pakistan through the extension of education and development activities of the farmers, followed by the creation of the Directorate of Plant Conservation in 3, BADC in 3, AIS in 12, DEM in 3 and DRE in the same. jobs

No planned opportunity was created. In order to strengthen agricultural extension activities in the post-independence period, the Cotton Development Board, Tobacco Enhancement Board, Horticulture Board and the State Department of Agriculture (Jute Production), Department of Agriculture (Extension and Management) were created in the sixth. But for the same farmer, different directional messages and activities have a negative impact at the field level. As a result, the present Department of Agriculture Extension was created by integrating six companies, namely DA (E&M), DA (JP), Department of Plant Protection, Horticulture Board, Tobacco Development Board and Sardi, in the year 52.

The Department of Agriculture has served the country’s farmers and farmers with great success and reputation through the “Training and Inspection (T&V) system, launched from 3 to 4 years and from now on through the party extension system.”

Krishi Odhidoptor.BD Jobs

The implementation of the new Agricultural Extension Policy (NAEP) began in the 5th year to provide planned and participatory extension services. Currently, the Department of Agriculture Extension is conducting departmental activities with the addition of 4 wings.


“It is the responsibility of the Directorate of Agriculture Extension to provide productive and effective extension services based on their needs to farmers of all levels so that they can make the best use of their resources to contribute to sustainable agriculture and socio-economic development.”