Essential Drugs Company Limited Job Circular EDCL

edcl job circular
Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) job circular

Essential Drugs Company Limited published a job circular. EDCL Manpower will be employed in the project under construction of Gopalganj, a state-owned pharmaceutical company.

EDCL Essential Drugs Company Limited published a job circular for Bangladeshi citizens. Now you can apply the drug company in Bangladesh.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the emerging and growing potential sectors of Bangladesh. Currently, there are about 269 pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now exporting medicines abroad and keeping the country’s economy playing an essential role in meeting the country’s needs.

There is a huge job market in this industry. Just waiting for the youngsters to be in the loop. Prof. Dr. Managing Director of Essential Drugs interviewed about job prospects and Bangladesh prospects in the pharmaceutical industry.

Essential Drugs Company Limited job Circular

edcl job circular
Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) job circular

EDCL.Gov.BDJob Circular

Bangladesh has great potential in this industry. One of the main components of medical care is medicine. Bangladesh is now one of the world’s leading exporters of drugs. There was a time when a lot of drugs had to be imported from abroad. After independence, about 5 percent of Bangladesh’s drugs had to be imported, and now Bangladesh has exported around 1 crore medicines to about 5 countries last year, fulfilling 5 percent domestic demand. The rate is increasing day by day as the industry is expanding and I think that one day the industry may outperform the textile industry in export.

Q: What are the job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: There are good opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Because this industry is a growing industry in Bangladesh, its size is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the scope of work is increasing in turn. And the pharmaceutical industry says that it is not just the need of pharmacists, because it is not possible to operate a company with only a pharmacist. In addition, skilled manpower is required in accounting, engineering, and other departments; So the demand for skilled manpower is increasing day by day in this industry.

Q: What are the factors that are commonly considered in recruitment?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: In the case of hiring a staff, it is well-researched how much knowledge a candidate has on the subject. That is, a candidate must have good knowledge of the sector in which he or she will work, besides it must be honest, smartness and possess other characteristic qualities. Must possess the intelligence that is present to solve the immediate problem and must possess the creative talent, these qualities are essential in an employee.

Q: What are the needs of Bangladeshi pharmacists outside the country?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: There is a huge demand for Bangladeshi pharmacists outside the country, Bangladeshi pharmacists are working successfully in other countries, including Europe and the Americas, and they occupy an important place there and talented pharmacists of Bangladesh can build their careers abroad.

BD Gov Drug Company Job circular

Q: How much space has Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry been able to occupy in the world market?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: Bangladesh has already occupied a very large place by exporting medicines to the world market. The industry is now one of the export-oriented industries in Bangladesh, our products are cheaper in the price of medicines and because of the good means, there is a great demand on foreign soil and it is increasing day by day.

Q: What do you think are the obstacles in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: When it comes to obstacles in the pharmaceutical industry, first of all, we have to say about raw materials, we have to import about 5% of the total raw material from abroad. This makes it challenging to maintain quality and keep the price of drugs low, and another obstacle is the fake drugs, which can be threatened by the industry if the drug is not dragged into the market.

Q: What do you think the government should do in this regard?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: In order to solve the raw material problem, the government has already taken the initiative to park an API where the raw material of drugs will be produced. I think this will solve a lot of raw material problems. In addition, the government should conduct frequent operations against counterfeit drugs.

Q: Do you think that the API that the government will park will require a lot of manpower?

Dr. Ehsanul Kabir: Yes, of course, I think it will be a job opportunity for many because, in order to manage a factory or an organization, there will be a need for skilled manpower in different sectors.

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Source: The Daily Jugantor and EDCL