Dhaka University All Unit Admission Result

DU Admission Result
du admission result

Dhaka University published admission Test result in the Dh official admission website admission.eis.du.ac.bd

The results of the first-year undergraduate (honors) admission test will be published today, Sunday, October 26, under the ‘A’ unit of the Faculty of Science in the 2019-2020 academic year of Dhaka University. According to sources in the administrative building and central admissions office of Dhaka University, the number of applicants applying for the 1,200 seats in the ‘A’ unit of Dhaka University for the academic year was 20,7.

The admission test was held on October 20 at the University ‘A’ unit. The results of the admission test have been published in the first year undergraduate honors class under ‘A’ unit at the University of Dhaka during the academic year. The pass percentage of the students was 23 percent.

Dhaka University Admission Result

Dhaka University admission result
DU Admission Result

How to find out the results

Results can be obtained from the Dhaka University Graduate 5th Year Admission Website (https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd). Also, go to any mobile phone’s message option and send the DU KA Roll (by typing) to 16321 to return the SMS, the date of the interview, etc. will be known.

Dhaka University (Dhaka): The university authorities have suspended the release of the results of admission to the ‘D’ unit of social science faculty.

The university suspended the publication of the notification on Monday morning, one day before the results were published.

The results of unit ‘D’ were to be released on Tuesday.

The press release sent by the public relations office of DUI has expressed regret over the suspension of the release of the results.

The results of the admission test of the honors class for the 26th academic year of the ‘C’ unit of business education faculty of Dhaka University (DB) have been revealed.

At 12:30 pm on Monday at the central admission office of the university administrative building (Room No. 20), the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman published the results.

According to data obtained from the ‘C’ unit office, the pass rate for the ‘C’ unit is 8.5%. Two thousand 5 students passed the admission test. Twenty-two thousand have failed.

Twenty-five thousand people applied for the admission test. Twenty-seven thousand people took the test. Of these, 1,900 were missing.

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Dhaka University admission Result
DU admission Result

Students appearing in the ‘C’ unit admission test will get the result of admission.eis.du.ac.bd website through the Roll Number of Higher Secondary Examination, Board Name, Passing Certificate, and Roll Number of Secondary Examination.

Apart from this, applicants can get the result in the return SMS by typing DU GA from any operator’s mobile phone and sending it to 121. Passed (Grades 1 to 127) Students will have to fill in the details of the admission test form and subject for the website from September 1 to October 1.

Applicants for the various quotas passed in the admission test will have to collect and submit the relevant quotation form from the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Business Studies, between September 7-29, and submit it within the stipulated time.

Subject to payment of results for monitoring the results, the application can be made to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Business Studies from September 1 to 25. In addition, all the information related to admission is given in the notice the ‘c’ unit on the admission test website.

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