Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment in Bangladesh


Coronavirus (CoV) virus that is causing pneumonia in patients’ bodies is always a concern. As a result, health officials around the world are on alert. But is it an outbreak nowadays or a symptom of a more dangerous disease?

Coronavirus update in BD, Today (08.03.2020): First 3 cases of coronavirus confirmed in Bangladesh.

What is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has not been previously identified in humans.   Another name for the virus is the Current novel coronaviruses (COVID-19).

It is a type of coronaviruses. There are many different types of coronaviruses, but only six can be infected in humans. But due to the new type of virus, the number will be seven from now.

The Coronaviruses (COVID-19) was various name, such as: “China virus”, “coronaviruses”, “2019 NCOV”, “new virus”, “mystery virus”.

In the second week of February this year, the World Health Organization officially named the disease COVIC-19, a short form of ‘Coronaviruses Disease-2019’.

What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

The following COVID-19 symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure for symptoms to develop. As CDC

  1. Respiratory illnesses in Include Fever,
  2. Cough,
  3. Shortness of breath and can cause pneumonia and kidney failure.
Symptoms of Coronavirus

What to know about coronavirus

The virus starts with a fever, followed by a dry cough. About a week later the breathing began. Many patients have to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. In About coronaviruses (COVID-19) more Information Please See Below:

How to prepare for the coronavirus

The virus itself will not be destroyed. Only China’s action could end the epidemic. No vaccine or vaccine has been discovered to prevent the virus. The only way to prevent this disease is to prevent the transmission of the virus in others means:

  1. Restrict the movement of people.
  2. To encourage everyone to wash their hands.
  3. Health workers wear protective clothing and provide separate medical care to patients.