World number one all rounder-Shakib Al Hasan

Sakib Al Hasan
Sakib Al Hasan

Then there was a 20-year-old young man. What surprises, along with the name was a total of 20 one-day internationals. Shakib Al Hasan is going to play the fourth World Cup. If all is well, then the number of matches will be 30 in the World Cup. There is no doubt that the experience of playing so many World Cup matches will be a big achievement. Very few players can not prolong their career. That is to say that in the bat or in the bat.

This information reminds one more thing – that is going to play the fourth World Cup. Cloud cloud increased. Just completed 32 years ago. Shakib will play another World Cup? You can play. There are 18 people who have played 5 World Cups. Each name is a star.

The star of Shakib, there is no doubt about it. The 2007 World Cup was emerging. World number one all-rounder In any case, very few Bangladeshi people went to number one in the global level. Shakib has done. Can be Shakib. And Bangladesh can also be Shakib. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza reminded me of how important all-rounders like him are for any team.
Shakib also knows, if he has decided to go to the semifinals, then he will have to burn if he wants to go through that difficult path. World Cup is the World Cup, it comes once in four years. How many players have come, but only 25 players who have played 30 games in the World Cup

Shakib has made himself completely rejuvenated in the World Cup. Weight loss. Feline fat disappeared. It might be the first World Cup youth to see Shakib.
In the face of Shakib, the magura’s reflection of the return of the teenager, first shows, almost everyone questioned how to lose weight! Now a human being is a seeker around the world, how much less effort; If possible, unnecessary weight loss tips. How did Shakib reduce weight, did not break the mystery. Just said, one felt the desire to fit the body from within itself, ‘if fit, you will love it all.’ Self confidence is also good if the body is fit. Needs to be neat. ‘

New Zealand tour with Bangladesh team did not go Because of the injuries suffered. The national team was around 6 months. If there is a long time out, there is a lazy fat in the body. Many times the injury also increases the weight of the players. But Shakib did not allow it to happen. He said, weighing about 6 kg weight. Even though it seems much less.
This change of Shakib is in such a short time that the difference is in sight. The only way to lose weight is fast-hard diet charts and hamburgers in the gym. He got fat in the IPL and got only a lot of fat.

Shakib’s replacement of the bat-ball increased. The most amenable player in the field from the preparation match seems to be his. And on the day that Shakib Mude remains in the field, the work is also easy for Bangladesh.

Shakib said, “The ICC Cup next to the World Cup There was a good chance of getting ready. So I tried to start this tournament with the physical and mental status. ”