The Most Visited and Most Popular Websites in Bangladesh


Most Visited and Most Popular Websites of Bangladesh by Traffic Search. Keeping pace with the world, Bangladesh is not lagging behind in the web world. And in this web world, several websites have also become popular among Bangladeshis. Let’s see which websites are the most popular among Bangladeshis. Needless to say, the popularity of any website depends on a few metrics, namely, the content, the visitors, the visitors, the quality, and the speed of the website.

The Most Visited Websites in Bangladesh

What are the most visited websites in Bangladesh? Find out which sites got the most viewers last year-

Rank Site & Domain Visitor & Views Niche
1 17.11 Search Engine for Search the world’s Information
2 9.91 Videos Sharing Worldwide
3 8.83 Social Connecting
4 3.89 Bangladeshi Newspaper
5 4.42 Bangladeshi News Portal
6 6.34 Bangladeshi News Portal
7 3.11 Free Encyclopedia for Information
8 3.67 Bangladeshi Newspaper
9 3.08 BDnews24 Bangladeshi News Portal
10 5.21 Bangladeshi Newspaper
11 11.00 Local Search Engine
12 3.88 Newspaper of Bangladesh
13 9.87 E-Commerce Website
14 4.79 Internet Portal and Free Mail Service
15 4.11 Bangladeshi News Portal
16 8.05 International Online Shopping
17 3.89 Bangladeshi News Portal
18 6.46 Bangladeshi Government Telecommunication Company
19 1.70 Factory Based Online Shop
20 3.72 Bangladeshi Newspaper
21 5.02 Bangladeshi Job Marketplace
22 2.63 Most Visited News Agency
23 9.88 Social Connecting Worldwide
24 3.92 Source Code Sharing  Website
25 9.42 Online News Portal
26 6.94 Ride-Sharing Website
27 5.46 Live Video Sharing Website
28 4.10 Technology News Portal
29 7.27 Provide Freelancing Jobs
30 2.59 Bangladeshi English & Bangla Newspaper
31 3.33 Bangladeshi Online News Portal
32 5.85 Bangladeshi Newspaper
33 3.30 Technology company
34 3.46 Software Company
35 9.05 Online Bay & Sell Website
36 2.45 Bangladeshi News Portal for Education
37 3.12 Bangladeshi News Portal
38 7.68 Online Shopping Website of Bangladesh
39 4.33 Cricket Live Score
40 8.59 An online retail store based in China
41 10.90 Bangladeshi News Portal
42 3.19 Bangladeshi News Portal
43 11.60 Upwork is a global Freelancing job market company
44 4.10 Bangladeshi Share Market Information
45 1.01 Internet Speed Test Meter
46 1.82 Bangladeshi Government Web Portal
47 6.41 Programming Source Code Database
48 3.75 Cricket Score, Live & News
49 8.41 Social Sharing Portal
50 3.19 Bangla Newspaper


Alexa Ranking Top Website in Bangladesh

Most Visited and Most Popular News Website in Bangladesh

Newspapers and online news websites are at the top of the list of popular websites in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo is one of the best websites in the country which is in the news website category.

Prothom Alo is a popular newspaper in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo is one of the most visited newspapers in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo is the 4th most popular website in Bangladesh. With the help of internet service, more than 7 million Bangladeshis in the country and abroad have completed their regular news reading online. And from here, the Prothom Alo online site which is known as has been playing the role of providing reliable and trustworthy news among the Bangladeshis

Most Visited and Most Popular Search Engine Website in Bangladesh

According to the Alexa ranking, is at the top of the list of the 50 most popular websites in Bangladesh. The most popular way to easily find any data, image, or connection. They have more than 4 billion users every day Do a Google search for different data. For research in Bangladesh too The most used website is is another easy and popular way to search popular Bengali websites. You can search for any photos or videos here, but Yahoo is currently the most used for creating email accounts. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is easy, fast, and safe.

Most Visited and Most Popular Video Sharing Website in Bangladesh

The second most popular website among Bangladeshis is You can find any video, song right now through YouTube. And for those who create new channels on YouTube and upload new videos, the YouTube team pays them based on the number of video viewers. So now YouTube has become a popular medium for people of all ages in Bangladesh and has also created an opportunity to earn money.

Most Visited and Most Popular Educational Website in Bangladesh is one of the most popular online educational websites in Bangladesh. It is also one of the leading online Educational news portals in Bangladesh in terms of reliable news coverage and popularity.

Most Visited and Most Popular Wikipedia Website in Bangladesh is a website that works to help people around the world acquire and improve their knowledge. Wikipedia currently provides more than 30 million articles in 240 languages. The current generation is more interested in Wikipedia than textbooks to complete their assignments. This website has been ranked as the “Top Most Visited Site” in Bangladesh as well as all over the world.

Most Visited and Most Popular E-Commerce Website in Bangladesh

E-commerce is the digital touch of the modern age. E-commerce has become the best platform to get the things you like easily in the palm of your hand. It can be said that e-commerce is now possible to get everything easily with just one click.

The most e-commerce website in Bangladesh is You can receive e-commerce services from many popular sites in Bangladesh.

Also, Most Visited Websites e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. 

E-commerce in Bangladesh Assignment. At present, e-commerce is a well-known medium in Bangladesh. Which was not even four or five years ago. Its expansion has not yet expanded the city e-commerce facility in the central city of Hawaii. However, in the last few years, its popularity and acceptance have expanded a lot through domestic products.

Through e-commerce, people’s standard of living has become much easier. It is very easy to enjoy anything especially domestic products from one district to another. Undoubtedly it is admirable.

Bangladesh Online Shopping Website List