Bangla Blog and Most Visited Blog Website List in Bangladesh


Bangla Blog is the act of sharing certain events of one’s daily life or of a particular event in a series or by writing a series of articles on a particular subject. The websites on which these articles are published are called blogs.

In general, for those who do not have much idea about blogs and websites, there is no difference between blogs and websites or they do not find any difference between them. For their information, a blog is a website where a user can register and write something and someone else can read that article and comment on that article.

This is a general issue and there are many other issues that make it easy to differentiate a blog from a website.

What is Bangla Blog

A blog is a kind of online personal diary. Which is a lot like a magazine but a person-centered magazine. The one who blogs is called a blogger. Bloggers constantly add a variety of content to their blogs. And users can post their own comments on that blog. Blogs have now become a medium of journalism. Most blogs report on a specific topic. The rest are personal online diaries. One of the aspects of a blog is to give readers the opportunity to comment.

What is Blogging

On December 17, 1997, a man named “Jorn Burger” first coined the term ‘weblog’. Peter Merholz jokingly shared the word ‘weblog’ with his own blog in April or March 1999. Since then, the use of the word ‘blog’ has increased.

Blogging has grown in popularity since 1998, when a man named Bruce Ebelson opened a blog called Open Diary in October 1997, and his blog grew in popularity overnight. Thousands of bloggers join his blog and this is the first blog community where other bloggers are given the opportunity to comment on their writings.

The history of Bangla blogging started from the first month of 2005. The first Bengali language blog Somewhere In Blog.

Most Popular Bangla Blog Website List by Catagories

# All Blog Islamic Tech


Websites and blogging applications that can be used to create a blog are called blogging platforms. Google’s Blogger, WordPress is currently one of the most popular blogging platforms.

 How to Write the Bangla Blog

You may be new to the world of blogging. So it is normal to ask questions. What? Why? How? Write-

  1. What to write: Do not write about what it said! You can write about the politics, economy, education, literature, comedy of the country here. Moreover, you can spread your private feelings in this blog.
  2. Why write: People do anything for two reasons. One For-profit, Two For pleasure. I am happy to say that writing on this blog will serve both purposes. You can become a famous blogger by writing on this blog. Moreover, you can gain recognition on your campus as a writer. And what to say about the joy of creation, you will understand yourself when your writing will be published in the blog.
  3. When to write: what to say all this! Beredar came up with some answers himself.
    I got the answers. But why the delay? Enter the world of internet blogging.

How to write a blog post in your own style?

There are achievements. It is better to keep blog posts as artificial as possible. Creative blog posts attract visitors. From the perspective of freelancers, a large part of them works as copywriters or guest writers. They write articles, reviews, etc. for different blogs. The most important thing to spread your name in this work is to create your own writing style. If you consider the famous writers and artists, you will see that the style of writing of Rabindranath and the style of writing of Kazi Nazrul Islam are not the same.

ব্লগ তৈরি করার নিয়ম

The following are some of the features that can make your Bangla Blog writing style special:

  • Look at your own characteristics: Many of us do not see our own faults. It is very difficult to verify for yourself how others view you. In this case, if you have a close friend, share it with him. Tell him to catch your mistakes and talk to him, about your good and bad. Write down what is good and what is bad. Look at his speaking style, compare yourself to him.
  • Talk to yourself: Stand in front of the mirror and talk about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Or write on paper. This is a very important way to set your own goals. Once you have set your goals, when you sit down to write, you will find that your writing will be much easier and more precise.
  • Use yourself as a hero: We often watch different movies. Match the hero of this movie with yourself. Put the good aspects of him through you.
  • Write as interesting as the story: You may be writing about technical issues. By writing something as interesting as a story, you can easily distinguish it from others. People like stories, it can be a book, a movie, or a song, whatever they are. Know what their characteristics are. The story has a beginning, a middle part, an end. It is written in one place in such a way that interest is aroused in the next part. Want to know what the end of the story is. Write according to this rule. This way you can bring different styles to your writing.
  • Write from your mind: Whenever you write, always try to write something from your mind. Reading the text, the reader can understand that the words written by the author were written from the heart or did the duty. A kind writer’s success depends on this. If you don’t like the topic you are writing about, its effect can be seen in the article. In that case, choose the subject that you love and your choice.
  • Make uncertain statements like a story: I think anyone will be surprised to hear the word. When we read a storybook, at the beginning no one understands what will happen at the end. If the reader understands at the beginning what will happen at the end while reading the story, then the story does not seem interesting to anyone. Rather he reads more and tries to know when this thought works what might happen. This rule is also followed in the case of famous novels or movies. Something happens that is unexpected. You too can follow this pattern.


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