parlament job circular
Parlament Job Circular

Bangladesh Jatiyo Sangshad Sochibaloy Parliament published a Job Circular for Bangladeshi citizens. Published Parliament job circular website.

The Secretariat of Bangladesh National Parliament has issued a recruitment notice for the appointment of manpower in vacant posts. The Secretariat of the National Parliament of Bangladesh will appoint a total of 79 people in 18 posts.

Bangladesh Parliament Jatyo Sangshad Job circular. The Secretariat of the Bangladesh National Parliament has issued a recruitment notice for the appointment of manpower in vacant posts.

Parliament Job Circular

Bangladesh parliament Job Circular
Bangladesh parliament Job Circular

Bangladesh Parlament at the end of the term, an initiative is being taken to appoint manpower in the Secretariat of the Parliament. That’s why new terms are being created.

Physician posts are being extended for administrative officers, senior assistant sergeant at arms, private offices and medical centers of parliament.

The opportunities for promotion are also increasing. All this information was obtained from the report of the committee formed on amending the rules of appointment and creation of the secretariat of Parliament.

According to the sources, according to the decision of the 25th meeting of the Secretariat Commission of Parliament, a committee was formed in May this year, calling on the Additional Secretary (Human Resources). The committee made these decisions at three meetings.

Farzana Zaman, Senior Assistant Secretary of the Parliament (Human Resource-1), said the last meeting of the committee was held on September 12. The meeting was attended by two officials of the Law and Finance Ministry. I will be going to the secretariat this week to get those two signatures. The report will be finalized next week.

It is reported that the committee recommended the creation of five posts of administrative officers (8th grade). In addition, two new posts of Senior Assistant Sergeant at Arms (sixth grade), 5 posts of personal officers (8th grade) and 5 posts of different grades have been recommended at the Parliament Secretariat Medical Center.

The report of the Committee states that the total sanctioned posts of the administrative officers of the Parliament Secretariat are five. Due to the absence of the posts of administrative officers in the seven branches, the work of the office is being disrupted. In addition, the scope of work in eight branches has increased. There are no posts of Training Branch of Parliament, Maintenance Branches 1 & 2, Executive Producer Branch, Deputy Director (Technical) Branch, Protocol Branch, and Medical Center.

Besides, the tenure of the Common Service and Coordination Branch (creation of two AO posts in this branch), Administration Branch, Transport Branch, Human Resources Branch-2 and 2, Committee Branch-2 and IPA Branch-1 have increased. It is recommended to appoint an administrative officer in these branches.

It is learned that the existing sanctioned posts of the administrative officer are 3. If the new 4 posts are created, the total terms will be 5. Currently, there are 5 employees working through promotion and seven directly through recruitment.

With the creation of 5 new posts, the existing recruitment process can be promoted in 5 posts and directly promoted in 5 posts and direct recruitment activities can be taken in two posts. In the existing recruitment rules, 5 percent of the office assistant commissions are fulfilled by the computer operator, 25 percent by the office of the comptroller cum computer operator and 5 percent by direct recruitment. The potential expenditure of the government will be Tk 1 lakh 3 thousand a year if hiring an administrative officer.
According to sources, there are five posts of Assistant Sergeant at Arms (ninth grade) in the Parliament Secretariat. According to the existing recruitment rules, one is fulfilled through direct and four promotions. The security of the parliament building has increased manifold.

According to him, for the sake of security, at present, there are 20 classes of Class III and 8 of Class II under Sergeant at Arms. On the other hand, the rank of first-class for the supervision of the 20 manpower is only 3, including Sergeant at Arms.

In view of this, the recommendation of the creation of two posts of the sixth grade Senior Assistant Sergeant at Arms in the Secretariat for the supervision of the 2nd and 3rd class police personnel under the Sargent At Arms Division and for the security of the Parliament.

The committee recommends that a suitable officer of the armed forces be replaced by a deputation if he does not get a suitable candidate for promotion from parliament. Potential financial expenditure in terms of generating the two terms will increase (Grade 1, Tk. 3-5). The committee recommended the creation of a total of 5 posts, including two. If these terms are created, the potential financial expenditure will increase by about Rs.

The committee recommended the creation of three physician posts as the number of patients increased in the Medical Center of Parliament. Junior Consultant / Assistant Professor (Endocrinology) A, Junior Consultant / Assistant Professor (Child) A, Dental Surgeon One, Senior Technologist (Physiotherapy), Two, Senior Medical Technologist (Radiography), Radiography (Radiography) Staff Nurse Three, Senior Medical Technologist (Dental) One and Senior Pharmacist Recommended Increase The committee.

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Source: Bangladesh parliament and Jugantor.