Online Challan Verification in Bangladesh


Online e-Challan Verification Portal name is E Challan is an Online Portal for e challan verification in Bangladesh. In addition to the existing system of depositing Bangladeshi government taxes and fees for various services in the bank, arrangements are made for online submission in this manner.

What is E Challan in Bangladesh

e Challan is an online portal of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This online challan platform for launching all government receipts In order to streamline the government’s revenue collection and accounting, reduce harassment of the people, establish discipline and transparency in the financial sector, and above all, for the successful implementation of the government’s Digital Bangladesh program, e Chalan Launched on 25 March 2018.

চালান কি?

চালান হলো কর ও বিভিন্ন সেবার আর্থিক ফি সরাসরি ব্যাংকের মার্ধ্যমে সরকারি কোষাগারে জমা হওয়ার কাগুজে প্রক্রিয়া।

ই-চালান কি?

ই-চালান হলো ঘরে বসেই কর ও বিভিন্ন ধরনের সরকারি সেবার ফি অনলাইনে জমা দেয়ার পদ্ধতি।

Initially, the facility of depositing passport fees, police clearance fees, and national identity card fees through the payment gateway of Sonali Bank has been introduced in the receipt window of the government. And other government receipts are being phased out.

How to fill the Challan Form on e-challan gov bd Portal

  1. Firstly, Visite, Challan Bangladesh Website,
  2. Click Fill out the Challan Form (চালান ফরম পূরণ) Tab,
  3. Click Subject-based submission or, Service-based submission(বিষয়ভিত্তিক জমা অথবা সেবাভিত্তিক জমা) Tab,
  4. Then, Select Your Needed Categories,
  5. Finally, Fill out the Challan Form Carefully.

How to Download Challan Form PDF or, MS Word?

    1. First, Go to the Bangladeshi Government E-Chalan Website
    2. Click Challan Form (চালান ফরম) Tab,
    3. Select Challan Catagories,
    4. And, Download your Desired Challan Form PDF or MS Formate in Word.

How to Verify Challan Online by e Challan bd Website?

    1. Visite Website or Download E-challan app on Google Play Store,
    2. Click Chalan Verification (চালান যাচাই)Tab,
    3. New windows will open like below-
e-Chalan Verification
  1. Here Write Chalan Date, Deposited in (Cash Cheque, Transfer,e-Payment
    Bank), Bank Name, Branch Name and, Chalan No.
  2. Then, Varify TAB,
  3. Or, Follow Automated Chalan Verification (স্বয়ংক্রিয় চালান যাচাই) Process.

Reference: ই চালান