Bangladesh Navy Job Circular

Navy Job Circular
Navy Job Circular

Bangladesh Navy Job Circular. For those who dream of joining the Navy in Bengal, now is the time and opportunity. Because of this, there will be a deployment of personnel in DE / UC (Seaman, Communication & Technical), Medical, Patrolman, Writer, Store, Cook, Steward, MODC (Naval) and Topus. The Bangladesh Navy recently issued this recruitment notice. The notification stated that only male candidates can apply in these posts. The application process has already started.

Bangladesh Navy has come up with an opportunity for those who want to protect the sovereignty of the country by serving it. By joining the Bangladesh Navy, you can enjoy exciting life, honor, service to the country, financial stability, sovereignty of the country as well as a secure life and attractive opportunities. The Naval Forces and the MoDC (Naval) have issued notices to various national dailies for the appointment of four branches in the B-2020 batch.

You may also be notified via this website. And sailors will be admitted based on the district quota and no admission center will be filled outside the district designated for that center. A complete list of when and how many appointments will be available in a district is available at Meanwhile, according to the notification of recruitment, the qualifications for applying for the nine posts the Bangladesh Navy have been stated.

Bangladesh Navy Job Circular

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Bangladesh Navy Job Circular
Navy Job Circular

Appointment categories

According to the job circular, Bangladesh Navy will be assigned to DE / UC (Seaman, Communication and Technical) Branch, Medical Branch, Petrulman, Writer, Store, Cook, Steward women naval and MODC (Naval) Branch and Topas Branch. Only male candidates can apply in these branches.

Applicability of application

According to the notification, candidates applying for Bangladesh Navy DE / UC (Seaman, Communication, and Technical) branch should have obtained minimum GPA of 3.00 in SSC or equivalent examination with higher mathematics from the science department. Preference will be given to those receiving minimum A grade from the BN Dockyard Co-operative Society Technical Institute. Candidates who have obtained a minimum GPA
3.00 in SSC or equivalent examination with biological sciences from the science department in the medical branch can apply. For Patrolman, Writer, Store, Cook, Steward, and MODC (Naval) branches, any department should pass the SSC or equivalent examination with a minimum GPA of
3.00 and candidates can apply for the top class branch.

Candidate height for application for Patrolman position should be at least 5 feet 8 inches, For seamen and MODC (Naval) candidates, the height of the candidate should be at least 5 feet 6 inches and in other positions, the minimum height of the applicant should be 5 feet 4 inches. In addition to the height, the size of the applicant’s chest should be 30 to 32 inches in general and 2 inches wide in height. Weight should be according to height and age and eyes should be 6/6.

However, the overall conditions for achievement players are relaxed and for people of small ethnic groups, the height of all branches will be at least 3 feet 5 inches. Sailors will be admitted on the basis of district quota and no outside the district designated for that center will be admitted. A complete list of when and how many appointments will be available in a district can be found at

Applicant’s age and physical ability

According to the notification, the age of the applicant is to be at least 17 to 20 years as per the age of the applicant on 1 January 2020 and the age of the candidates for the MODC (Naval) Branch shall be from 17 to 22 years minimum. In this case, no affidavit will be accepted. The height of the candidates for the Seaman and MODC (Naval) Branches is at least 167.5 cm (5 ft 6 in), the height of the Petrulman branch candidates is at least 172.5 cm (5 ft 8 in) and the height of candidates for other branches is at least 162.5 cm. Must be .m (5 ft. 4 in). Chest size is 30 inches in normal and 32 inches in a stretch. Weight should be based on age and height and eyesight should be 6/6.

Application process

There are two application methods in the Bangladesh Navy. One trust bank pays the application fee through Mobile Money (TBMM), the other directly through pay-order. In order to pay the application fee through TBMM, the applicant will have to send the mobile number of TrustMMBNRFSPINCandidate to TBMM subscriber and send it to
03590016201. For this, the customer’s TBMM account should have a minimum of Tk 120. After depositing the money, a Transaction ID will be sent to the applicant’s cell, which will need to be collected at the specified address {Form (Sailor) -1}.

Applicants will have to submit a money receipt by submitting a payable order or bank draft at 100 Tk. The receipt of the money receipt should be collected and filled out from the specified center Besides, the application form can be collected from your own admission center by submitting Tk. In that case, the receipt for collecting the application must be submitted as an attachment to the application form. In addition, the documents and pictures associated with the application should be given as attachments.

In addition, clicking on the Sailor section of the website online will be available. In the case of submitting the application, the money receipt should be submitted as an attachment to the application form.

The selection process Bangladesh Navy Job Circular

Applicant candidates should appear in their district admission center along with the required documents. The primary health test will be done first. The selected people will take written tests in English, Bengali, mathematics, science and common sense and intelligence. The candidates who have passed the written test will be appointed by the final examination through the oral examination and the final health examination.

Payroll and other benefits

The final nominees will receive salaries and allowances as per the salary range of the Armed Forces. Apart from this, there are also opportunities for promotion of free, clothing, lodging, treatment facilities, purchase of ration for families at a reduced cost, retirement allowance and gratuity during retirement, non-commissioned officers on the basis of qualifications, junior commissioned officers on special merits. In addition, there are opportunities for training abroad, obtaining greetings at foreign ports on naval ships, bringing ships from abroad and traveling abroad to UN peacekeeping missions and recruiting Bangladeshi embassies abroad.

Contact for details

Directorate of Personal Services
Naval Headquarters, Banani, Dhaka-1224
02-9836141-9, Ext 2215
Helpline: 01769-702215