Islamic University Admission notice 2019-2020, Kushtia

islamic university kushtia admission 2019-20
Islamic University kushtia Admission 2019-20

The application form for admission in the 1sth year undergraduate (honors) classes of Islamic University will be distributed from 2nd September. The distribution of this form will be available online through 1st October. Besides, the admission test will be held from 4th November to 8th November. The results of the exam will be published on 15th November. The admission of merit and waiting merit will continue from 30th November to 23rd December. Classes begin on 11th January 2020.

Islamic University Kushtia Admission Circular 2019-20


Admission form will be distributed: 2 Sep to 1st October.

Admission Test: 4th Nov to 8th Nov.

The Results will be published: 15th Nov.

Admission of merit and waiting merit: 30th Nov to 23th Nov.

Start the class: 11th January 2020.

Total Unit: 4.

Subjects: 33.

Seats: 2275.

Admission Test:

Total Marks for the exam: 120 Numbers.

MCQ: 60 Numbers.

Written Exam: 20 Numbers.

SSC & HSC GPA: 20+20=40 Marks.

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Why would you Admission to Islamic University, Kushtia?

What’s on EB?

If you have such a question, then Know the answers-

  • Being an Islamic university The first of independent Bangladesh The university. The path from which started 40th years ago.
  • There are huge campuses, Enchanting atmosphere, and greenery Th magnitude of the horizon. Red Thousands of rows of Krishnachaura to you Not only crazy but also seduced.
  • On this huge campus of 175 acres, you are fascinated and fascinated at every moment Will be.
  • No noise here, no busy busyness of the city. There are birds The more unusual nature of alchemy.
  • Here are modernity Large academic buildings. Every other part of campus – On Campus, you will find the Internet, free Wi-Fi !!
  • There is no dirty politics, There is a calm and friendly atmosphere. Become a victim of dirty politics No mother’s child has to die.
  • There will be huge transportation Arrangements, 9 am or 2 am!! The whole half-century. Daily classes In the end, “If this path never ends If so, how would it be? “To sing You are here to return home Will get.
  • Here it is, for the student’s Huge accommodation system. About a hundred percent EB administration on the way to housing.
  • There is a huge charms Library. Most of Bangladesh One of the big libraries. Here is the loyalty of the Creator The beauty of profit is vast Mosque Which is a South Asian campus The largest mosque in the country.
  • Lazy in the afternoon with friends Come to TSCC’s song The world will forget. Buckle floor Tea room, or in free Bengal, Sitting friends chat. Here you will find free hearts, thousands of Social, voluntary occurrence.
  • But yes, there is no Session Alliance, no Dirty politics, not students An object called panic rag. Many may be to grandparents Heard, there’s a session jam on eBay, hmm Was. But 33 out of 2015-216 sessions Department Sasson is Zam free.

So, Are you Ready???

And, EB is waiting for you !!

Source: Islamic University Admission Aid 2019-2020 Facebook Fan Page.