HSC Result Board Challenge 2019 & SMS Process

HSC result board challenge 2019
HSC Result board challenge 2019

What is the board challenge

First of all, what is the Result board challenge or the review of the book? What is the challenge of the board? Suppose you have done a very good test on one topic. You believe you will get 80+ numbers or A +. But you did not get the desired number. Or have dropped.

Naturally you will be angry with anger. Thinks can also be abusive by the assessed (although not everyone does). Maybe they think they have deliberately dropped you.

But not The answer sheet assessors never do this. Yes, there may be errors in their evaluation. Because, people are just wrong. Everyone may have an unwitting mistake.

This is a public examination where millions of students participate. There may be some mistakes in there. But are you deprived? What will happen to him

For this, the Ministry of Education has excelled in a very nice way. Let’s say it’s a board challenge or re-review.

That means that you will not be able to see your book, but your book will be able to apply for re-audit by the learned observer. Keep a note, it is not re-evaluated but retrieval.

It means, if you have been correctly given the number of questions in your account? Or is it OK to add the number of accounts? They will meet. But the book will not be re-cut.

If they have any mistake, the results are rectified and the results are re-published.

What does the board challenge or the application of the rescheduling application?

To challenge any public exam board, you will need a Teletalk Prepaid SIM. The applicant’s roll number, phone number, subject matter for which the application will be applied.

How to apply board challenge of HSC Result. HSC Result Rescrutiny.

Many Students are do not know the rules to challenge the board. Are you Knoe “How is the board challenging for Board Result Rescrutiny?” Now we were learn the rules of applying result board challenge and result Rescrutiny or the review. You can learn about the Board Challenge through this post.

Video for HSC Result board challenge


SMS Method:
Type Message Only From Teletalk Prepaid Mobile Likely:

RSC≪≫1st 3 Letter Of Board≪≫Roll≪≫Subject Code
Example: Rsc Dha 654321 101 & Send To 16222

Every Subject Or Part Will Charge Fee BDT 150 TK. Each

In Return SMS Candidate Will Get SMS Noticing Amount Of Fee Providing A Pin Number. If Agreed, Type SMS Again Likely-
RSC≪≫Yes≪≫Pin≪≫Any Contact Number &amp Send To 16222

Example: RSC YES 47483875 01XXXXXXXXX

Subjects Contains Two (2) Part (Bengali and English) ,Code (Bengali – 101 and English- 107) As Two part of any Subjects bangla & english Charge will be applicable for Fee BDT 300 Tk. To Include more than 1 Subjects within by single SMS have to add those one after another by Comma(,).

HSC board challenged schedule

The HSC board challenge or the review petition can be made from July 18, 2019 to 24 July, 2019. On 24th July, you can apply for board challenge until 11:59 pm.


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