Bidyut Unnayan Board BPDB Job Circular

bpdb job circular
bpdb job circular

Electricity is the driving force of modern civilization. The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been working relentlessly for this power development. The latest news is that the Bangladesh Power Development Board – PDB recruitment notification has been published.

Assisting them in their path by recruiting manpower. This power is integrated with life, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, social sectors. The government is firmly committed to the development of the country’s power sector.

Bangladesh Power Development Board published a job circular for Bangladeshi Citizens. Also, apply PDB job Circular with teletalk website job circular

bpdb job circular
BPDB Job Circular

That’s about 200 years from today. The then East Bengal of British-ruled India was the first power user of East Bengal, the king of Bhawal pargana in the present-day Gazipur district of Bangladesh. In the nineteenth century, the first illuminated the palace by generating electricity through a generator imported from Bilat. Not only did the royal and sophisticated attempt to distract Bhavbalas from the touch of modernity, it not only aroused astonishment but also aroused the importance of its universal use.

Then in 1901, a generator was installed at the residence of Nawab Ahsanullah of Dhaka. On 7 December 1901, Mr. Bolton, a British citizen Ahsan Manzil, introduced the first power supply by pressing the switch. At the expense of Nawab Ahsanullah, the company, Octavius ​​Steel, periodically brought some of Dhaka’s elite buildings, including some important roads and Ahsan Manzil, under the power supply system. The power generation of this company was very low as their power supply was restricted to elite areas only.

The first commercial development of a limited-scale power distribution system began in Dhaka with a British company called ‘Devco’. Later, in 1933, the company started commercial distribution of electricity by constructing a ‘Dhanmondi powerhouse’ with a capacity of about 6 MW in Paribag, Dhaka. Elite residents of different areas of Dhaka were consumers of this electricity, which added another new pastor to the crown of their livelihood.

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BUBO)

1947 After partition, power generation, and distribution in East Pakistan were restricted to only a few companies. At that time only a small amount of electricity was supplied to the 17 provincial districts. At that time the generation voltage was 400 volts. In most cities, electricity was provided only at night. The exception was Dhaka City. At that time, electricity was supplied through two generators of 1500 KW in Dhaka. And the generation voltage was 6600 volts, which is the highest of the time.

There was no long transmission line then. In addition, some industries (tea, sugar and textile industries) and railway workshops used to produce electricity. Notable among these were Dhakeswari Cotton Mills, Pahartali Railway Workshop, Saidpur Railway Workshop, and Sugar mill. At that time, the country’s power generation capacity was only 21 MW. At that time there was no transmission system of electricity in the country.

After the establishment of independent Bangladesh in 1971, the President’s Order (PO 59) on May 1, 1972, started with a power of just 500 MW as a coordinating body for the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity, with the responsibility of illuminating and industrializing the war-torn country. Development Board (BOBO).

Subsequently, some or all of the other companies, such as rural electrification board (REB), Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) Ltd, Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO) Ltd, Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (full or part of Bebo’s power transmission, production, and distribution system). PGCB) Ltd., Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. (APSCL), Electricity Generation Company of or Transferred to Landes (EGCB) Ltd, West Zone Power Distribution Company (Ozopadico) Ltd, North West Power Generation Company (Nopazeco) Ltd, Northern Electricity Supply Company (Nesco) Ltd., Rural Power Company Ltd (RPCL). Has been


To provide uninterrupted quality electricity to all.


Maintaining the continued growth of electricity with the aim of ensuring sustainable development and customer satisfaction.


  • To be involved in implementing the government’s development activities in the power sector.
  • To adopt modern technology and ensure maximum utilization of primary and alternative fuels for sustainable development of power generation projects.
  • Purchase of electricity from the power generation companies as a single buyer.
  • To ensure a reliable power supply to the customers for the purpose of socio-economic development.
  • Encourage team enthusiasm, innovative energy and workforce to meet challenges.
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Source: BPDB and The Daily Ittefak.